Widespread condemnation for Zionist decision to deport MP Abu Tair

[ 10/12/2010 – 07:18 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The arbitrary Israeli court decision on Thursday to deport Palestinian parliament member MP Mohammed Abu Tair out of the occupied city of Jerusalem, his birthplace, was widely condemned by human rights organizations as well as national factions.

The Palestinian center for human rights said, in a statement it issued in this regard, that the deportation of Abu Tair to Ramallah city is tantamount to “coercive expulsion” that international law forbids. The center quoted article 49 of the Geneva Forth Convention that forbids deporting “protected persons” by force.

For its part, the Palestine Scholars’ League in exile deprecated the Israeli decision and described it as part of the Israeli conspiracies to empty the occupied city of Jerusalem of its indigenous population, and to distort the Arab and Muslim identity of the city.

In this regard, the PSL urged the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to halt all forms of negotiations with the Israeli occupation, to stop security coordination with the Zionist enemy, and to return to the resistance option, which is the only way to retrieve the usurped Palestinian land.

The unfair Israeli decision also drew condemnation from the Palestinian factions, including the PFLP that accused the Israeli occupation of stepping on international laws and conventions, and of practicing ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.

In Gaza city, the ministry of justice in the legitimate PA government of Prime Minister Ismael Haneyya said that the Israeli occupation has committed a crime by deporting Abu Teir. It further called on Luis Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to look into the criminal suit that was filed against leaders of the Israeli occupation in preparation to prosecute them for the crimes they have committed against the Palestinian people.

It also urged the United Nations General Assembly to isolate “Israel”, to take stern stands against its illegal policies, and to consider it as an “Outlawed” authority.

The PFLP for its part, said in a statement that the decision of the Zionist Magistrate Court clearly expresses how the Israeli occupation tramples on international laws and conventions and shows Israeli occupation’s intentions to press on with the ethnic cleansing and Judaizing of occupied Jerusalem.

Widespread condemnation for Zionist decision to deport MP Abu Tair.

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