Health risks threatening detainees in Israeli jails for lack of winter clothes

[ 12/12/2010 – 10:53 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The prisoners’ center for studies said that the Israeli prison authority prevents Palestinian prisoners from getting winter clothes in its jails for the fourth consecutive year, the thing which exposes them to health risks, especially because of the low temperatures this season.

The center expressed its concern over the health conditions of prisoners, especially those who are banned from seeing their families who usually provide them with their clothing needs.

The center appealed to human rights organizations to urgently intervene to pressure Israel to provide prisoners with their needs of winter garments.

In a separate incident, 58 Palestinian detainees in Megiddo prison on Saturday took a number of protest steps against the restrictive measures they are exposed to by the Israeli administration.

Palestinian sources said that the detainees in this prison declared they would not meet their families as long as the jailers shackle their hands and legs during visits.

They also demanded the prison administration to order its jailers to stop verbally abusing them, and backtrack on its arbitrary decisions regarding separating brothers from each other and denying detainees their right to educational attainment.

Their demands also include the improvement of medical services and the extension of bath hours.

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Health risks threatening detainees in Israeli jails for lack of winter clothes.

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