Is the Vatican willing to give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism?

[ 11/12/2010 – 11:47 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem


I understand that the term “Jewish Nazism” is harsh, shocking and might well be provocative and offensive to many, especially those adhering to the Jewish faith. I have nothing against the Jewish faith per se, but I do detest the absurd but widespread use of Judaism to justify decidedly racist and criminal conduct as is happening in occupied Palestine these days.

I am not going to argue why the use of the above-mentioned term is justified. In the final analysis, when Jews, or anyone else for that matter, think, behave and act in a Nazi way, we should have no compunctions or hesitation comparing them to Nazis.

Today, Zionist circles are waging a rabid campaign aimed at convincing as many Western institutions to deal with and treat Israel as above the laws of mankind on the ground that Jews are intrinsically superior to the rest of mankind.

Proponents of this evil racism may not use the same words mentioned, probably for fear of a public backlash, but this is exactly what they mean.

Two years ago, for example, Israel urged the United States and a number of other western countries to see to it that international laws, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, be amended in a way that would allow Israeli soldiers to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity.

In other words, Israel wants to be accorded a special treatment by the community of nations in order to be able to murder, incinerate, and maim innocent civilians, even on a large, e.g. genocidal, scale, without being held accountable, prosecuted or even criticized.

To put it brashly frank, Israel wants to act the Nazi way, e.g. commit genocidal crimes as it did in the Gaza Strip around this time two years ago, but without being called Nazi or any other similar epithet.

I realize there are numerous followers of the Jewish faith, or people who call themselves Jews, who condemn in the strongest terms the utter fascism that is being practiced in Israel in their collective name.

I also understand that many Jews are embarrassed and pained whenever they hear some fellow Jews claim openly and publicly that non-Jews are infra-human beings or outright animals in human shape whose lives have no sanctity whatsoever.

None the less, this issue can’t and must not be dismissed or allowed to go into oblivion. After all, those who don’t learn from the “mistakes of history” are bound to repeat them. More to the point, of all people, Jews should know better.

The reason I am penning this piece is because Zionist Congress leadership are trying to bully the Vatican to condone and accept  policies and practices in the Holy Land (Occupied Palestine) that are decidedly and inherently antithetical to basic Christian teachings and values.

The Zionists have apparently succeeded in getting the Italian government to embrace the Nazism of Israeli settlers who say openly that millions of Palestinians Muslims and Christians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,  and Gaza Strip,  would have to accept one of three choices offered to them: Enslavement to the Chosen People, e.g. the Master Race,  deportation or expulsion, or physical extermination.

Don’t think I am indulging in wild imagination, propaganda, or exuding certain phobic reactions or paranoia.

We live here under Israel’s military occupation and we see the Nazi-like behavior of Jewish settlers who say openly that Israel ought to deal with millions of non-Jews in Palestine the same way Joshua, the famous Biblical figure, dealt with the Canaanites. In other words, genocide.

And when people like this writer object, as any conscientious person must, he is berated for not believing in the Bible. And in a matter of seconds, he is overwhelmed with a torrent of Biblical quotations that ostensibly justify genocide.

Today, Israel and her supporters are trying rather frantically to desensitize western especially Christian public opinion to accept the eventuality of genocide for Palestinian Christians and Muslims, employing satanic insinuations, selective Biblical rationalizations, and outright lies.

The Christian world, especially the Holy See, must not succumb or be cajoled into accepting or tolerating Israeli fascism under the rubric of friendship with the Jews or atoning for Christianity’s sins against Jews.

Certainly, I am not suggesting in any way that the Vatican or Christians in general should alienate Jews or adopt a hostile approach towards them. However, not alienating Jews must never ever mean or imply keeping silent in the face of Israel’s crimes against the helpless Palestinian community.

A few days ago, dozens of rabbis in Israel issued another poisoned edict forbidding Jews from renting or selling property to non-Jews. This is not an innocuous or anecdotal measure as some pro-Israeli apologists would argue. This is actually how the holocaust started in the first place: First we had Mein Kampf, then the boycott of Jews, then the Nuremberg laws (the Nazi edicts), then the Hitler Youth, then Kristallnacht, then, well, we know the rest of the story.

A few weeks earlier, Israel’s chief Haredi rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, who commands the allegiance and loyalty, of hundreds of thousands of Jews, was quoted as saying that non-Jews are effectively animals of burden, such as donkeys, whose main raison d’etre in this life is to serve Jews.

Many of these manifestly racist rabbis, even those who call for killing non-Jewish babies, receive generous subsidies from the Israeli government.

Just imagine if such racist nonsense were uttered by a high-ranking Muslim or Christian leader, or if a Muslim or Christian religious leader called for killing of Jewish babies if they posed any conceivable danger, real or potential.

According to one Israeli writer, Sefi Rachelevsky, quoted recently by journalist Jonathan Cook, tens of thousands of Israeli pupils attending religious schools or Yishivot, are taught that Jews sit above nature, which comprises four categories: “inanimate”, “vegetable”, “animal” and “speakers” – or non-Jews, who are considered no more than talking animals.

Unfortunately, one can go on and on and on elucidating and exposing the racist venom spewed nearly on a daily bases by those who call themselves rabbis.

Which makes it incumbent upon religious leaders of all confessions, including the Chief Rabbinate in Israel, which has lamentably remained silent, to call the spade a spade.

Indeed, the last thing our fragile world needs is genocidal wars in the name of religion.

A final word. Zionist leaders are pressing the Vatican to work against the “de-legitimization of Israel.”

Well, the Vatican must not allow these pathological liars to put words into its mouth. Because ultimately, Israel’s nefarious practices and crimes are what de-legitimize Israel.

Moreover, Israel can’t  steal Arab property, destroy Arab homes, build settler units on stolen land, banish East Jerusalemites from their homes because of their views, and indeed arrest  thousands of non-Jews either on concocted charges or without charge or trial, and then childishly  ask other nations to “denounce the de-legitimization of Israel.”

The essence of Jesus’ message lied in his efforts to establish equality and justice between Jews and Gentiles. This is basically why he was so vehemently rejected,  on the ground that he sought to rob Jews of  their Chosen-People Status.

Hence, the Vatican and the entire Christian world would effectively be adopting the position of the Pharisees and the Sadducees by agreeing to accord Israel a special privilege to oppress, steal and murder.

Don’t do that. It would render Christianity sterile from within.

Is the Vatican willing to give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism?.

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