Nazzal: The PA asked Israel to imprison MP Qabha

[ 12/12/2010 – 05:14 PM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mohamed Nazzal said that the Palestinian authority (PA) asked the Israel side to kidnap Palestinian lawmaker Wasfi Qabha after he had launched lately a scathing attack on its policies.

Nazzal told the Jordanian newspaper Assabeel that there is an exchange of roles between the PA and Israel and this cooperation depends on letting Israeli troops kidnap Palestinian lawmakers and officials whom the PA cannot detain for diplomatic and political considerations.

In another context, the Hamas official reiterated his Movement’s rejection of any Zio-American plans aimed at turning Jordan into an alternative homeland for the Palestinians, stressing that Jordan is for Jordanians and Palestine is for Palestinians.

Commenting on the declared failure of the peace process, he expressed his hope that de facto president Mahmoud Abbas could use the options he talked about after his failure to reach a peace agreement with Israelis.

“There is a contradiction between the alternatives Abbas is talking about and his practical positions, because when he rejects the option of resistance and intifada, there will be no value for any other option. Abbas is good at one option which is to negotiate and negotiate for the sake of negotiation,” the political official underscored.

Nazzal: The PA asked Israel to imprison MP Qabha.

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