Popular Front marks 43 years of resistance

[ 12/12/2010 – 11:59 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to mark its 43rd year since its inception on Saturday in Gaza, asserted that all forms of resistance of Israel’s occupation is the legal right of the Palestinians.

Senior popular front official Jamil Al-Majdalawi said during a rally organized on the occasion that it is wrong to place some of these forms as alternatives to the resistance movement, stressing that to give up resistance is to wrong the Palestinian people and their sacrifices.

Majdalawi also announced the launch of the “where did you get this” principle, in an effort to wage war on corruption in Palestine. He added that the Palestinian Authority should be placed under scrutiny and the PLO rebuilt on a national, democratic basis.

In a separate context, a fight broke out between PFLP members during the celebration, attendees told the PIC.

Chairs and sticks were used by the brawlers near the ceremony platform, they added. At least 19 were injured amid attempts by other front cadres to stabilize the situation. The cause of the squabble was not directly identified.

Popular Front marks 43 years of resistance.

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