Rights for All slams PA political arrest campaign in West Bank

[ 11/12/2010 – 01:58 PM ]


GENEVA, (PIC)– The Swiss organization Rights for All strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority (PA) for the arbitrary politically-motivated arrest campaign it is carrying out in the West Bank and for ignoring international appeals for the release of political prisoners.

The Geneva-based Rights for All said it started to make intensive contacts with many UN institutions in order to pressure de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to order the release of political prisoners in his jails, especially the six hunger strikers who have been refusing to eat or drink since November 26.

Head of the organization Anwar Al-Gharbi said that the European Union also should pressure Abbas to end the political arrest in its capacity as one of the largest donors which financially supports Abbas’s authority that in turn uses these funds to suppress its people in the West Bank.

In this regard, senior Islamic Jihad official Khader Adnan called on the Palestinian people, their factions, and all civil society institutions to rally in solidarity with the six hunger strikers in PA jails.

He also deplored the PA for ignoring appeals made by human rights organization calling for their release.

Adnan made his remarks during a visit he paid on Thursday to the family of Mohamed Sukiya, one of the hunger strikers.

In a new incident, the PA security militias kidnapped five Palestinian citizens thought to be affiliated with Hamas Movement in the cities of Al-Khalil, Nablus, and Tulkarem, according to local sources on Saturday.

For its part, the Palestinian ministry for prisoners’ affairs deplored the PA security apparatuses for refusing to release two members of Islamic Jihad Movement, one of them is senior official Abdelhakim Masalmeh who was kidnapped one month ago.

The ministry said that that both of the detainees spent some time in Israeli jails and were kidnapped in the context of the security cooperation between the PA and the Israeli occupation.

Rights for All slams PA political arrest campaign in West Bank.

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