RoR Committee: We do not recognize agreements waiving the right of return

[ 12/12/2010 – 10:25 AM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– The high committee to defend the right of return in Jordan is refusing to recognize signatures by Palestinian parties waiving the full right for refugees to return to their land.

The committee, marking International Refugee Day on Saturday, called on the international community to see to the Palestinian right to return to the homes they were ejected from by force and to put UN resolutions in that regard into action.

UN resolution 194 states that all refugees have the right to return and compensation for all losses and moral and material damages they and their descendants suffered throughout the years of the diaspora.

The board also announced its refusal to recognize any signature by Palestinians waiving the full and unconditional right to return, whether that waiving was by delay or resettlement, or to return for family reunion or to the PA territories only.

“The modification and forgery that is happening to the right of return conflicts with the operative part of UN Resolution 194 according to its political and legal interpretation, and carries an explicit call to adopt resettlement and displacement anew, as a means to end the just cause of the Palestinian refugees, in response to the US-Israeli project aimed at seizing the Palestinian land and displacing its people by all means of murder and terrorism.”

The commission stressed the need for national unity that sheds light on the real enemy to both Jordan and Palestine, and direct all joint government and civil efforts towards warding off the dangers hanging before them, and to renounce secondary conflicts that only serve the enemy.

RoR Committee: We do not recognize agreements waiving the right of return.

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