Zahhar: Hamas is much more than a project to end occupation

[ 12/12/2010 – 10:44 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas political bureau member Mahmoud Zahhar promised in an interview aired by the Aqsa channel that his movement will not veer off from the resistance program it launched since its inception during the first intifada (uprising) in 1987.

“The resistance has many forms, and the Palestinian street has become fully aware that armed action is a tool of resistance.”

“If Palestine is liberated, and the resistance ends, will our enterprise end?” Zahhar challenged, explaining that Hamas is much more than just a project to end the occupation.

The senior Hamas official ruled out that Fatah faction is moving for the sake of liberating Palestine. Their idea is based on the principle of political commotion to reach temporary peace at the expense of the Palestinian national enterprise, he said.

Zahhar went on to assure that Hamas is not a “duplicate copy” of Fatah.

“Repeated encounters by Fatah leaders with the US administration have made it sell out the Palestinian national enterprise.”

The Hamas leader accused Fatah of cooperating with Israel to downplay the Palestinian cause.

Zahhar: Hamas is much more than a project to end occupation.

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