British Independent publishes confessions of war crimes made by Israeli soldiers

[ 13/12/2010 – 11:21 AM ]

LONDON, (PIC)– The British newspaper Independent on Sunday published confessions made by former Israeli soldiers related to the Israeli army and serious war crimes committed against Gaza people.

Their confessions were taken from a book issued by Breaking the Silence organization. The book also includes testimonies against the Israeli army and pictures of Israeli soldiers who made the testimonies and confessions.

A former soldier from Givati brigade said that his brigade and another task force during the military operations in Gaza in 2008 knocked at the door of a Palestinian house and detonated it when they did not find an immediate response, which led to the killing of a lady as she was about to open the door. The woman was blown up into small pieces, he added.

The book cited another similar story about the killing of a UN female teacher in Khan Younis called Wafer Al-Daghma during an Israeli raid on her house in May 2008. Her husband was not present at the time.

Her husband Magdi Daghma said that when his wife heard the voices of soldiers, she ordered her three little children to go to the bedroom, put a head scarf over her head and went to open the door that were exploded by the troops outside.

The soldiers who narrated this story affirmed that one of the soldiers who participated in this attack burst into hysterical laughter when he saw the bloody scene and the horrible death of the Gazan mother.
The soldiers’ confessions could be viewed on the followng link

British Independent publishes confessions of war crimes made by Israeli soldiers.

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