Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian homes in Lod

[ 13/12/2010 – 05:21 PM ]


LOD, (PIC)– Israeli municipality teams escorted by large numbers of policemen and border police razed seven Palestinian homes in Lod in central Palestine occupied in 1948 on Monday at the pretext of building without permit.

Local sources said that police forces evicted inhabitants of those houses at gunpoint, adding that the citizens’ property was hauled in big containers, which were transferred to an unknown location.

They said that the policemen threw women, children, and elderly people out of their homes despite the stormy weather conditions and extreme cold.

Policemen threatened anyone approaching the scene of the demolition of the Eid family buildings with immediate detention, the sources said, noting that the Eid family had repeatedly tried to counter the demolitions through a court order but to no avail.

Leaders of a local popular committee met with the inhabitants and decided to pitch temporary tents for them, and agreed on rebuilding them soon.

For their part, Hamas MPs in the West Bank denounced the repeated Israeli destruction of 1948 Palestinian homes and racist edicts against them.

They said in a statement on Monday that such practices reflect Israel’s “racism and savagery”.

The lawmakers urged the world community to end its silence and bridle the Israeli government and Jewish settlers, warning that continuation of such aggressions would fuel the struggle in the region.

Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian homes in Lod.

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