PIC hailed as pioneer in covering developments in Palestinian arena

[ 13/12/2010 – 03:40 PM ]


TEHRAN, (PIC)– The Palestinian information center (PIC) was hailed today as a “pioneer in the delivery of the Palestinian message” to the whole world during a visit paid by a delegation from the aid convoy Asia to the PIC branch office in Tehran.

The delegation led by Indian activist Bashiruddin Shargi met with the editor-in-chief of the Persian section of the PIC to express its support for the Palestinian people and their struggle to restore their usurped rights.

Shargi said that the PIC excelled in using eight different languages to keep the world informed with the latest developments in the Palestinian arena, noting that the Urdu and the English pages of the PIC website are considered the main information sources for news about Palestine in India.

He added that the Indians take 90 percent of information on Palestine from the PIC internet pages.

The Indian activist in another context expressed his pride of the Hamas Movement, saying that Hamas is highly respected by Muslim Indians for it defends the honor and dignity of the whole Muslim nation.


PIC hailed as pioneer in covering developments in Palestinian arena.

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