Taha: The world has come to recognize Hamas’s importance

[ 13/12/2010 – 11:34 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Chief Hamas official Ayman Taha told the PIC that the world has come to know of the importance of his movement and keeping the lines open to it, denying that it was isolated.

“We welcome any party that contacts us to hear from us from near and understand Hamas’s Islamic position from its leadership. The movement’s doors are open to all. We are only hostile towards the occupation.”

Hamas’s message to its people on the day of its 23rd inception is that it will keep on resisting the occupation and defending the land and holy sites, not forfeiting the rights of the people it represents, Taha added.

The movement has led a good example over 23 years, despite a suffocating blockade on the region and repeated assassinations against its leaders, the Palestinian leader went on to say. The movement has planted in Palestine a fruitful resistance program, and Hamas must reap the fruits by effectively participating in Palestinian society.

“Hamas has succeeded throughout 23 years in leading the people, so it will try to fulfill the project to liberate the nation, and will work hard to liberate the land and people, and will head the war in the face of the occupation in the region to free our land.”

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Taha: The world has come to recognize Hamas’s importance.

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