B’Tselem: Israel kidnapped 81 Palestinian minors from Silwan in one year

[ 14/12/2010 – 10:38 AM ]


NAZARETH, (PIC)– The information center for human rights B’Tselem said that during the past year November 2009 to October 2010, the Israeli police kidnapped at least 81 Palestinian children in Silwan district in occupied Jerusalem on suspicion of throwing stones.

The detentions followed confrontations between Palestinians and Jewish settlers in this area, where there is great tension after settlers seized Palestinian houses and archeological sites.

These confrontations intensified following the killing of Samer Sarhan, 32, a resident of Silwan, on 22 September 2010. He was shot dead by a security guard of settlers, who claimed he faced a life-threatening situation. From then until 31 October, at least 32 minors in Silwan were detained, according to the center.

The investigation conducted by B’Tselem indicated that the Jerusalem police repeatedly breached the law, especially the youth law, which grants minors extra legal rights.

The center stated that many detentions happened at night, in which Israeli policemen and special troops took minors from their beds and rushed them to interrogation centers, in most cases in order to obtain information on incidents that occurred a few days earlier.

Often, the interrogators prevented the parents from being present during the interrogation, although their right to be present is enshrined in law, it added.

Many minors, who gave testimonies to B’Tselem on their detention, said they were treated violently when they were kidnapped from their home at night.

B’Tselem urged the Israeli police in Jerusalem to observe the spirit of the youth law while dealing with stone-throwing incidents.

It said the police must immediately end the detention of minors at night and the use of violence by special forces during detentions, and must also ensure that minors are interrogated only in the presence of their parents.

B’Tselem: Israel kidnapped 81 Palestinian minors from Silwan in one year.

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