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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.

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No blockade able to prevent you from supporting Palestine!

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Haniya: Palestine From Sea To River, Rosh HaNikra To Rafah – All Ours

Hamas begins celebration of its 23rd anniversary with mass rally in Gaza

IOA razes Jerusalemite home, endorses construction of 24 Jewish housing units

Haniyeh: Hamas will win elections

Homes demolished in East Jerusalem

Israeli forces demolish Bedouin community wells

Window Into Palestine: Israeli Apartheid: We Don’t Buy It!

Window Into Palestine: ‘Our lives became something we’d never dreamt’: The former Israeli soldiers who have testified against army abuses,”

Window Into Palestine: “What if there was a similar call in Berlin against renting properties to Jews?” asks Rabbi Steinman

Saudi visit to Gaza planned

Topic Health in Gaza

Assange to stay in prison as Sweden appeals bail

Al-Qassam Brigades: Our only goal is to liberate Palestine from the occupation

IOF troops storm house of MP Halaika

Two Palestinian workers wounded in IOF shooting

Ahmadinejad receives Asia aid convoy

Israel outlines easing of economic measures on Palestinians

Israel Reduces Wheat Supply to the Gaza Strip: Food Security in Gaza at Greater Risk as Israeli Siege Continues


وزير الاقتصاد الوطني يلتقي رئيس وأعضاء مجلس اتحاد الغرف التجارية الصناعية الزراعية

Assange granted £240,000 bail but prosecutors have 2 hours to appeal ruling!/mparent77772/status/14726476536487936

Activists protest Israeli army sergeant’s campus propaganda visit

Hamas holds massive Gaza rally

‘Technical error prevented Palestinian firefighters from entering Israel for ceremony’

Bedouin community wells demolished by Israeli forces

Haniyeh: Hamas will win West Bank, Gaza elections

Video: Ali Abunimah, Congressman Brian Baird, Jonathan Sacerdoti debate peace process on Riz Khan show

P.A. Firefighters Refused Entrance to Israel For Honouring Ceremony

Haniyeh: Hamas will never recognize Israel

Troops Destroy Well near Hebron, Shoot Two Construction Workers in Gaza

Defend Jennifer Peto, a Brave Canadian Critic of Zionism

WikiLeaks, Web to Revolutionize Reporting: Pilger

The Pale of Settlement: Disapora victimhood examined

Forced Evictions: Assessing the impact on Palestinian Women in East Jerusalem

Ahram Online – In search of beauty in besieged Gaza

Poll: 69% Support Signing Peace Treaty with Israel

Hamas marks 23nd anniversary

BDS goes big in Japan: MUJI cancels Israel branch opening

Israeli law will stop Palestinian prisoners from meeting their lawyers for a year

Activist Hails Iran’s Resistance against Zionist Regime

Freedom Flotilla 2 to set sail to Gaza spring 2011

PLO Executives: EU Statement Forms “Important Basis’ for Regional Peace

EU urges end to settlements, Gaza

Shortage of medicine and equipment threatens patients’ lives in Gaza

Gaza Health Ministry: 137 of required medicines out of stock

Israel refuses entry to Palestinian firefighters being honored for Carmel fire assistance

Wild Card Part VII: EU sets the ground for recognition of Palestine

Ramallah Online: The Elders: We need peace in the Middle East, not just process.

Palestine Think Tank: the liberation of Adeeb Abu Rahma VIDEO!

Palestine Think Tank: The Occupation in a Nutshell (Adeeb Abu Rahma is released) with VIDEO

Annie’s letters: My letter to the LA Times RE Who’s stopping the peace process?

No Racism in Islam | The Farewell Ceremony of Prophet Muhammed SAWS « 63 Years Occupation is Enough.

Rabbi Drukman Suggests Discriminating Between “A Loyal Arab”, and “An Arab Who Hates Israel”

If there’s been a more shameful performance by a British journalist than the BBC’s interview with @jodymcintyre I hope I never see it.

IOF soldiers round up 31 Palestinians in the West Bank

Netanyahu: Talks over settlement peripheral

2 shot by Israeli forces near Gaza border

the liberation of Adeeb Abu Rahma VIDEO!

Maldivians: Israeli doctors ‘harvest organs’,7340,L-3998825,00.html

The Occupation in a Nutshell (Adeeb Abu Rahma is released) with VIDEO

Israeli forces demolish 2 homes under construction in Jerusalem

Israeli Deportation Policy Against Palestinians Refused, Says Jordan

Two Palestinians Wounded in Shellfire in Gaza – International Middle East Media Center

Jewish concentration camp victims speaks out against Israel

Hamas marks 23rd anniversary with Gaza rally

B’Tselem: Israel kidnapped 81 Palestinian minors from Silwan in one year

Israel and the Misrule of Law

Palestinian journalists condemn Zionist lobby in Italy for pressing media

The Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence Launches a New Book

Resheq: Reconciliation best alternative to confront occupation, American bias

Closed broadcasters say regulations unfair

12 Radio, TV Stations to Close in the West Bank

Wild Card Part VII: EU sets the ground for recognition of Palestine

Israeli Troops Arrest 31 throughout West Bank; Houses Razed in East Jerusalem

Palestinian Prisoners in Pictures & Facts

PA: Israel Continues to Test Drugs on Palestinian Prisoners

P.A. Denounces Israel for Testing Different Drugs With Palestinian Prisoners

Hamas marks 23rd anniversary with Gaza rally

PA sends winter provisions to prisoners of Israel

I favorited a YouTube video — Tears Of Gaza (Gazas Tårer) – Trailler

Hamas celebrates 23rd anniversary with mass rally – Taiwan News Online

Book review: “Spy Trade” details history of Israel lobby in the US

PressTV Gazans in dire need of medical items

Iranian lawmakers to join Gaza-bound aid convoy in Syria

BBC interview: “It reminds me of the way the BBC report on the Palestinian conflict.” – PLEASE RT

Rescuing Zionism at Palestinian expense

Palestinians’ future is in their hands

Limited imports/exports on Gaza crossings

Desmond Tutu said ‘do not polish our chains’ but this is precisely what Arab states/EU are doing: normalizing & bearing cost of occupation!/avinunu/statuses/14594468674019329

A Palestinian woman should be free to tell her story

Palestinian Druze Refusenik Ajwad Zidan in Prison Again

Israeli Army detains 4 Palestinians in WB

Israeli planes violate Lebanon airspace

Israeli lobby presses media to call off Freedom Flotilla press conference

Iran defends oppressed Palestine mightily

Beyond Words: Palestinian Voices in Search of Justice.

In the spiders web

Israeli Forces Arrest 31 Palestinians in the West Bank

Full letter by the 26 former European leaders

End the censorship of Wikileaks – Stop the extradition of Julian Assange
British parliament debates Palestinian children prisoners

Palestine Video: Breaking the Siege on Gaza

Italian surgery mission treats nearly 100 patients in Nablus

EU shelves recognition of Palestine

‘Israeli occupation supported by West’

Book by Gaza victim being published

Gaza: Alternative Repair Strategies Report

Out of Failure, a Chance for Justice

Felicia Langer’s Ongoing Fight for Justice

Hamas Does Not Oppress Women

Martin calls for support on return of exports to Gaza

Dissolve the Palestinian Authority

We Need Peace, Not Just Process

Racism, Incompetence and the Mount Carmel Fire

Police Demolishes Seven Homes In Lod

Two more leftwing activists summoned to a meeting with Israel’s General Security Service

Israel’s War on Jerusalem Children

Jerusalem Municipality officers deliver house demolition orders in Al-Thouri « Wadi Hilweh Informat

P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: The Crisis of Capitalism and the New Great Depression


الإحتلال يهدم منازل عربية في اللد

Annie’s letters: Ibishblog: Three questions about the occupation and prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace

KABOBfest: Wikileaks’ Greatest Competitor

P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: Mike Huckabee, the pseudo-moralist

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