Ghanushi: Hamas saved Palestinian cause from PLO’s decline

[ 14/12/2010 – 07:09 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– Tunisian Nahda (Renaissance) Party head Rashid Al-Ghanushi praised the Hamas movement in Palestine as having a track record that he said has saved the Palestinian question from becoming lost when the PLO entered the channel of negotiations.

Hamas’s approach has brought hope back to the Muslims, and brought life back to the Palestinian cause in their hearts, Ghanushi told Quds Press on Tuesday.

“At a time when the Palestinian national enterprise led by the PLO started to decline and rely on grants from the enemy in the name of ‘political solutions’, negotiations, and the ‘ten points’, the liberation project in short, represented by the PLO, ended with the largest and richest liberation organization turning into a group of security organizations in service of the Israeli occupation deriving its legitimacy from every attempt to foil resistance.”

“In this way Hamas and the Islamic Jihad revived hope to the Muslims that there is an occupied people who are still resisting for the sake of freeing the land.”

“When the Palestinian cause was born, everyone who held that banner led the people. Jamal Abdel Nasser held it and led the people before it fell from his hand and Arafat held it. When it fell from his hand, the banner fell in the hands of [Islamic movement] and the movement started leading the Islamic scene through Hamas.”

“Hamas represents a victory to the moderate thinking in the Islamic movement. If it wasn’t for Hamas, Al-Qaeda would be the alternative, but Hamas shouldered the cause on the ground of moderate thinking, and shielded the Islamic movement from being abducted by extremism.”

For his part, Guidance Bureau member of the Islamic Brotherhood Dr. Essam El-Erian said Hamas represents a qualitative addition to the Egyptian political area.

“I believe the state of hostility in Cairo that exists against Hamas is completely unacceptable and an irresponsible policy from our regime leaders, because Hamas can never be an enemy to Egypt. Egypt has only one enemy, the Israeli occupation. Hamas is an addition to Egypt, if Egypt corrects its strategic vision.”

Ghanushi: Hamas saved Palestinian cause from PLO’s decline.

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