Palestinian journalists condemn Zionist lobby in Italy for pressing media

[ 14/12/2010 – 10:24 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian journalist bloc announced its solidarity with chief Italian journalist Enzo Iacopino in the face of an offensive launched against him by his country’s Zionist lobby over his plans to host a press conference on Monday for the Freedom Flotilla 2 coalition.

“We confirm our full solidarity and standing together with our colleague Enzo Iacopino, praising his impartial humanitarian role in standing by those besieged in Gaza.”

The journalists called on the media the world over to join forces with Iacopino and “expose the truth the Zionist lobby wants to hide, particularly the suffering of the besieged Gaza Strip.”

The bloc accused the Zionist lobby of playing a “malignant” role in the world against democracy, freedom, and justice amid attempts to block global activity in support of the oppressed Palestinians, the victim this time being Iacopino.

Iacopino received dozens of letters from the Zionist lobby accusing him of hostility towards Israel and filled with statements of disapproval of his position and accusations of turning Italy’s news syndicate into an un-neutral body, Quds Press quoted sources as saying.

The Freedom Flotilla coalition condemned the lobby’s attacks against Iacopino, who heads 150 members of the Italian national council of journalists, calling the step an attempt to silence activists who sympathize with the Palestinians, especially those under siege in Gaza.

The coalition concluded Sunday a conference to discuss the latest preparations in the flotilla’s launch. Iacopino threw a press conference Monday to announce those developments.

Freedom Flotilla 2 coalition is set to head out to the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian aid next year.

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Palestinian journalists condemn Zionist lobby in Italy for pressing media.

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