Prisoner Khalifa exposed to torture by PA interrogators

[ 14/12/2010 – 06:23 PM ]


TULKAREM, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad Movement said that prisoner Faisal Khalifa is being exposed to excruciating torture at the hands of interrogators from the Palestinian authority (PA) in Tulkarem city and demanded his immediate release.

The Movement added it received reliable information affirming that Khalifa, an ex-detainee in Israeli jails, is tortured severely by the PA intelligence interrogators and prevented from seeing his family.

Khalifa was kidnapped last Tuesday by PA intelligence militias from a school in Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarem.

Islamic Jihad also said that the PA security militias also refuses to release ex-detainee Rafat Hussein despite his poor health condition in addition to two others of its cadres jailed in solitary confinement in Juneid prison.

In a separate incident, the PA security militias carried out, on the 23 anniversary of Hamas, a widespread arrest campaign in the ranks of its cadres and supports in West Bank cities and kidnapped 20 of them during raids on homes and a school, according to local sources on Tuesday.

In order to obstruct any attempt to celebrate the anniversary, the militias also summoned for interrogation hundreds of citizens thought to be affiliated or supporting Hamas throughout the West Bank.

Local sources in Al-Khalil city reported that civilians affiliated with Fatah faction and security militias raided and ransacked on Monday evening and Tuesday morning many Palestinian institutions, mosques, clubs and homes in the city at the pretext of aborting events that might be held on the anniversary of Hamas.

Prisoner Khalifa exposed to torture by PA interrogators.

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