Family committee: The six hungers strikers may die any moment

[ 15/12/2010 – 02:05 PM ]


TULKAREM, (PIC)– The family committee of Palestinian detainees in West Bank jails said that the six hunger strikers are being exposed to gruesome violations by the Palestinian authority (PA) and they could die any moment after their critical health conditions reached a deadly level.

In a press release on Wednesday, the committee added that the PA security militias transferred most of the hunger strikers by ambulance to Bethlehem prison.

It affirmed that the security militias in Jenin city sent one of the preachers to meet with detainee Muhanad Nairoukh, one of the hunger strikers, to convince him to give up his strike, but the detainee told him he is a freedom fighter and does not listen to fatwas made by someone like him working for the PA and Fatah.

The family committee also noted that another prisoner called Mohamed Abu Hadid joined the other hunger strikers.

In a separate incident, on the founding anniversary of Hamas Movement, the PA security militias intensified their arrest campaigns against its cadres and supporters and kidnapped 23 Palestinians including three university students in the cities of Nablus, Salfit, Qalqiliya, Al-Khalil and Bethlehem, according to local sources on Wednesday.

The militias also on the first day of the anniversary on Tuesday stormed and ransacked homes of dozens of Hamas cadres and supporters in Tulkarem city and kidnapped 20 of them during these raids. They also summoned dozens of them in the early morning hours yesterday.

According to local sources in the city, large numbers of PA militia men, on the eve of the anniversary, erected roadblocks throughout Tulkarem, stopped citizens and cars to check IDs in order to prevent any attempt to celebrate Hamas anniversary.

Family committee: The six hungers strikers may die any moment.

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