Israeli police trash Palestinian store in Jerusalem, break worker’s foot

[ 16/12/2010 – 10:42 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli troops raided Wednesday night a Jerusalem shop, trashing the store’s contents, and attacking the workers. The owner’s son’s foot was broken in the incident. Other employees were apprehended.

An altercation broke out between one of the owner’s sons Moataz, 18, and an Israeli anti-terrorist policeman called Yamam, after the prior asked a bus carrying Israeli troops to make space at the store’s entrance for a truck delivery, Mahmoud Barakat, another of the owner’s sons said. The bus driver called on six policemen who in turn broke into the store and hysterically trashed everything inside.

Police during the assault severely beat Ahmed Barakat, who was previously crippled in a traffic accident. His right foot was broken in the police assault despite pleas by those present that he was crippled. Police then proceeded to break the store’s cameras and erase the cctv recordings so that there is no visual record of the assault.

More than 40 other policemen from the same force joined the attackers in the store, Mahmoud said.

Passersby appealed to a policeman who was passing by to intervene and stop the assault, but the policeman was kicked out by the other Israeli policemen and told not to interfere as it was not his business.

Moataz and Ahmed Barakat were taken to the Salahuddin Street police station. Family members and lawyers were restricted from accessing them or taking Ahmed to the hospital for treatment. He was carried to be interrogated.

Four witnesses to the attack and the store owners were barred from entry.

Police refused to hear the testimonies from the witnesses, claiming they would have to go to the investigation unit with the individual police members to file a complaint against them.

Israeli police trash Palestinian store in Jerusalem, break worker’s foot.

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