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Qaddafi son’s charity to stop championing reform




US Senate call for diplomatic campaign against recognition of Palestinian state


Dig finds statue pieces in pharaonic temple ruins


Gaza teen dead after Israel fires on fishing boat


Hyena population growing ‘out of control’ near Hebron


An elderly woman allowed to return to Gaza after 62 years of exile


No alternative to BDS


Report details hopeless conditions in Gaza


IDF destroys numerous water cisterns across South Hebron Hills


Israel attacks S African lawmakers


The Question of Palestinian Refugees Cannot Be Avoided


Derail Israel’s Unlawful A1 Train Project– End International Complicity


Incapable of Making Peace


Report: PA suspects Dahlan recruiting militia


LA Times oped: “Israel leaves us no choice but to boycott” ~ Ali Abunimah


Religious Jews make midnight pilgrimage into occupied village


Occupation demolish water tanks and troughs in the southern West Bank


Occupation forces — Road blockage and Cistern demolitions


Israel’s new wall


Palestine Video: Abu Musa: EE.UU. intenta tapar su fracaso en Medio Oriente


Palestine Video: Isreal continues settlement constructions in Al-Quds [Jerusalem]


Palestine Video: Jews Say MN Out Of Israel: Divest from Israeli Bonds


Dr. Erakat deeply Regrets the U.S. House Resolution 1765


One Critically injured, Many Treated for Tear Gas Inhalation During West Bank Anti Wall Protests


Palestine”s Resistance Faction Shells Israeli “Camera” Military Site


Maan News Agency: Bolivia recognizes Palestine


IOA continues settlement construction in Occupied Jerusalem


Clashes at Anti Settlement Protest – Just Another Day in Nabi Salih


Resisting an ideology of inequality: Jody McIntyre interviewed


Clashes erupt in Silwan


Universal Jurisdiction at Risk of Sabotage, War Criminals Let Free

Bahar highlights Yemen’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause


PNA Demands European Recognition For Palestine State


Slovakia delivers $400,000 in medical aid to PA


Promoting Jewish Victimhood as Guise for Victimizing Palestinians


Stop Fascism-in-the-Making


Dozens Injured By Tear Gas at Weekly Protests; Palestinian Shot With Tear Gas Canister


E.U. Consuls in Jerusalem Urge Brussels to Get More Involved


Free the Children of Palestine | Petition


Despite court ruling, IDF took Arab land for train line


Wild Card part VIII: AIPAC flexes its muscle – who cares?


11 year old arrested by Israeli troops, clashes in Bir Ayyub


Ashqar: Palestinian women captives suffer harsh violations in Israeli jails


Madaa’s staff train with German foundation to improve community non-violent negotiation skills


PA settlement observer says gov’t confiscated car


Malta pledges aid to Gaza refugees


Troops amassing in Silwan as Friday prayers draw to a close


13 Palestinians Arrested in Pursuit of Activists


Clashes Erupt in Silwan, Live Ammunition Fired


Malta Calls for End to Gaza Blockade


Fatah Movement Calls Upon Europe to Recognise Palestinian State/1/






Ramallah Online: Insisting on Their Humanity: ‘The Plight of the Palestinians’


Moey’s: Day 14: Sunny Art Fair & Alcohol


A Group of Religious Israelis & Military Enter Palestinian Village at Midnight


Hidden eyes of Israeli army home in on targets


Palestine seeks new UNSC resolution against Israeli settlement building


Sheikh Salah: The days I spent in Israeli jails were the best in my life


#Canada PM #Harper “I Will Defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’ What does he admire so much? Racism? Genocide? Apartheid?


Israel Decides To Confiscate 50 Dunams In East Jerusalem


A Palestinian Youth from Hizma Village Detained


Gaza crossings closed; exports remain limited


Chile could be next country to recognize Palestine with borders prior to 1967


Shin Bet to compensate PFLP member for torturing him


Israel extends detention of Sheikh Jarrah teen


Linkage and its discontents: What WikiLeaks reveals about Israel-Palestine


These concrete constraints have quashed any hope of peace


PressTV – ‘Israel irked by Palestine recognition’


The Most Intolerant Center dares cry “Anti-Semitism!”


AIPAC Applauds US House Resolution Calling For Negotiated Settlement To Israel Palestine Conflict


‘PA blasts America’s pro-Israel bias’


More Settlement Units Approved In Jerusalem


4 national security officers detained near Hebron


Hebron court vandalized ‘without any justification’


No Israel talks ‘in any format,’ negotiators say


PLO official questions US stance on peace process


House vote against Palestinian statehood actually showed that Israel lobby is losing its grip


Norway upgrades Palestinian standing


Gaza Mends, but Israelis See Signs of Trouble


Pessimism on Israel


PA suspects Fatah former Gaza strongman trying to form armed militia


UNRWA-AUB Socio-Economic Survey of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon


PCHR Weekly Report: 4 Palestinians killed, 15 civilians and 2 fighters wounded by Israeli forces


Israel’s Jerusalem Master Plan 2020


A Bethlehem Christmas wish


Israel’s Ayalon: No intention to apologize to Turkey


UAE calls for lifting of Gaza blockade


Insisting on Their Humanity: ‘The Plight of the Palestinians


Testimonies reveal IDF campaign to dismantle Palestinian society


Report details hopeless conditions in Gaza


Israel denies plans to expand East Jerusalem hotel, but documents prove otherwise


Humanitarian aid officers’ begin training,7340,L-4000186,00.html


gulfnews : Foreign ministers demand ‘serious offer’ on Palestine


US State Department silent on Bil’in’s Abdallah Abu Rahmah


13 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank amid pursuit of activists « 63 Years Occupation is Enough.


Israel’s war on Jerusalem children: 1,200 arrested in one year

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