3,000 Jewish settlers intrude on Palestinian town to visit alleged holy sites

[ 18/12/2010 – 02:15 PM ]


SALIT, (PIC)– A 3,000-man mob of Jewish settlers guarded by Israeli troops raided Friday morning the town of Kifl Haris near Salfit for a regular visit to shrines alleged to be located there, eyewitnesses reported.

Jewish settlers claim the village is the site of three religious shrines, one of them tracing back to biblical figure Joshua Ben Nun.

Israeli troops were sighted deploying in the village alleys and on the housetops in an attempt to suppress locals.

The villagers have questioned Jewish claims to shrines existing in the town. Kifl Haris has been the center of monthly raids by Jewish settlers under the same claim. The raids have impaired everyday life for villagers and created an environment of tension.

In a separate development, two Palestinian boys from the Jenin village of Kafr Rai were severely beaten later Friday night by Jewish settlers while passing through farmland near the Mabo Dotan settlement founded on the region.

The boys were first abused and then dragged into the Jewish settlement, witnesses said. They were freed after several hours of torture in poor medical condition. All wounds were superficial.

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3,000 Jewish settlers intrude on Palestinian town to visit alleged holy sites.

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