Bahar to Fatah: Stop betting on US illusions

[ 18/12/2010 – 10:24 AM ]


SANA’A, (PIC)– Ahmed Bahar, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), addressing the faithful during Friday prayers at the president’s mosque in Sana’a, Yemen, said the US Congress’s stand on the PA turning to the UN Security Council for support in establishing an independent Palestinian state embodies the US’s enmity towards the Palestinian cause.

Bahar, meanwhile, called on the Fatah-controlled PA in the West Bank to succumb to whatever it takes to achieve unity and internal accord.

The Palestinian cause is a trust on the neck of every Arab and Muslim until the Day of Resurrection, Bahar said. It must be defended in light of the serious challenges it faces.

He called on all Muslims and Arabs to kick-start functions in support of Palestine, the Aqsa Mosque, and the holy sites, adding that Arab-Islamic forces should be rallied to cope with the abuse, illegal settlement activity, and Judaization faced by the Palestinians. Inability of Arab officials must be countered by the peoples’ fervor to save the Palestinian cause from becoming lost.

A PLC delegation has gone on a parliamentarian tour of a number of countries eventually stopping at Yemen a couple of days ago.

Bahar to Fatah: Stop betting on US illusions.

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