Families of hunger strikers in Abbas jails deny the strike ended

[ 17/12/2010 – 09:54 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Families of the six Palestinian detainees on hunger strike for the fourth week now denied reports disseminated by Fatah-controlled media in the West Bank that the captives decided to end the strike.

“Our sons entered their fourth week in the strike, and what the Fatah media in the West Bank parroted was a big lie and aims at distorting facts and confuse the Palestinian public”, families of the captives said in a statement they issued on Friday.

They even noted that Palestinian captive Najeh Al-A’asi incarcerated in the Beitonia jail has joined the hunger strikers since 13 days.

The committee representing families of the hunger strikers quoted them as confirming that during the last visit they paid to their sons a couple of days ago, they found them in a very miserable condition, lying on the ground, they couldn’t move and could hardly talk to their mothers or wives.

The committee also confirmed leaked reports that Tariq Al-Sharbati and two of his subordinates confined the six detainees in one room naked with their hands and feet tied backward in a position known as (Shabah) for long hours in a bid to force them end the strike.

In this regard, the committee warned that no legal or human rights institution in this world should believe the lies of the PA security forces in the West Bank. It also urged those institutions to work together to solve the issue of the six detainees, and to expose the practices of Abbas’s militia against their fellow Palestinians that even matched, if not superseded, what the Americans did in the infamous Abu Ghareeb and Guantanamo detention centers.

Families of hunger strikers in Abbas jails deny the strike ended.

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