Former Egyptian official: Israel plans to reoccupy the Sinai Peninsula

[ 17/12/2010 – 11:04 AM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Hassan Esa, the former Egyptian official in the ministry of foreign affairs, has warned of Israeli attempts to reoccupy the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula indirectly, noting that the Israelis were publicly talking about the “hope to return to Sinai”.

“Israel will not relax and feel comfortable unless it reoccupied the Sinai Peninsula due to strategic, economic, and religious reasons”, warned Esa who was handling the file of Israel at the ministry.

He also explained that the Israeli occupation government sends Israeli girls to the Peninsula to establish sexual relationships with Arab Bedouins there to have children, and then claim that they have the right to stay in the Peninsula for having Egyptian children.

He also highlighted that “Israel” was and still is striving hard to achieve the dream of returning to the Sinai.

He noted that after the signing of the Camp David treaty in 1979, and the following Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Peninsula in 1982 as stipulated in the agreement,   former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said, “Israel would have been in a better condition had the Sinai Peninsula remained in its hand without a peace agreement”.

Furthermore, Esa opined that the Israeli occupation government’s keenness to dispatch more Israeli “tourists” to the Peninsula was part of the Israeli scheme to always link Jews to Sinai.

Former Egyptian official: Israel plans to reoccupy the Sinai Peninsula.

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