Abu Sha’ar: Israel to blame for Omari Mosque collapse

[ 19/12/2010 – 11:04 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestine’s religious affairs minister in Gaza Talib Abu Sha’ar is assigning blame to Israel for the collapse of the Omari Mosque in Zanuta, a village under threat of demolition east of the Al-Khalil city of Dhahiriyya.

Israel has taken an unprecedented step towards Judaizing Islamic holy sites when outlawing restoration of the mosque in a manner that would preserve it from erosion and collapse, said Abu Sha’ar, who is also head of the Jerusalem committee.

Parts of the northern side of the mosque caved in due to rain and other weather conditions that took the region a few days ago. The historic mosque was built during the era of Caliph Omar bin al Khattab, a fact that boosts its religious significance.

Abu Sha’ar stressed the need to protect Islamic holy sites and save the mosques from Judiazation, which Israel has been employing in order to displace Islamic beliefs, which must be preserved from extinction, with Jewish beliefs and heritage.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Ayash, senior official of the international popular Jerusalem defense committee, condemned Arab and international silence over Israel’s blatant violations that affect Islamic holy sites daily.

Ayash called on de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to pressure concerned parties to files complaints against Israel, which placed a ban on restoring the mosque “in order to erase any archaeological trace leading to its Islamic identity.”

Abu Sha’ar: Israel to blame for Omari Mosque collapse.

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