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Hamas: Abbas’s new solution insensitive to the Palestinians’ suffering


Palestinian shepherd wounded in IOF shooting


Security for who? Checkpoint network in Silwan continues to grow


The State of Israel vs. Jonathan Pollak


HRW says Israel enforcing apartheid


Shama’ah: The massive crowds in Hamas festival proof of its growing popularity


More than 2,000 Palestinian workers on strike protesting IOF humiliation


Erekat: Ten EU countries to approve Palestinian embassies


Ramallah Online: WikiLeaks: A Very Short Coincidence Theory


Ramallah Online: Gaza’s Social Network


Why Am I an Activist


Palestinian teen reported injured in north Gaza


freegazaorg: Israel/Palestine: Separate+Unequal | Human Rights Watch

171 pages  | PDF


RT @georgehale Palestinian shepherd, 19, reportedly shot by Israeli soldiers on northern #Gaza border. Moderate injuries. Looking into it.


Disillusioned Palestinians seeking new path


Call to Action: Help Raise Awareness about Cast Lead on December 27th ~ Resisting Occupation


Israeli PM Netanyahu chose settlements over peace: Abbas


Israeli Activist Jonathan Pollak faces jail time for riding his bike against the Gaza WarCome to his verdict in Tel Aviv


PLO official: No more negotiations ‘on Israel’s terms’


Sheikh Jarrah’s weekly protest opposes Israeli crackdown on Palestinian political action


“Border Guards” stage massive training exercise outside Ramallah


Separate and Unequal


Settler guards in Silwan


Udi Aloni’s latest ‘Brooklyn-Jenin’ column: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?


Israel’s War on Jerusalem’s Young Palestinians


Palestinian Media Watch videos banned from YouTube


11 Palestinian Families in Nablus District Given Order to Leave Area within 24 Hours


Gaza’s Social Network: Gazan bloggers share the reality of the siege with the world


Israel orders evacuation of Nablus village


Israel’s Public Relations Attack


Israel deprives Palestinians in West Bank


Arab League Condemns Israeli Escalation in Gaza



HRW: Israeli settlements ‘displace’ Palestinians


PFLP and Fatah to meet in Cairo


The Arab League seeks UN Resolution on “Israeli Colonies”


Palestinians embark on the ‘Intifada of Graves’


Mubarak blames Israel for peace deadlock


Asia to Gaza Caravan to reach Syria tomorrow


UNRWA suspicious trips raise ire of Palestinian parents


Israeli forces storm Bethlehem hospital


Introducing the no-state solution


UN TÉ POR PALESTINA: Pescador palestino muere ahogado tras ser baleado por soldados israelíes


Moey’s: Day 15: How do you put yourself in a great mood in Amman?


Palestine’s Long Torment


Annie’s letters: Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal. Under Discriminatory Policies, [Israeli] Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer


Annie’s letters: South Africa: Despite the lifting of apartheid in the early 1990s, many blacks still live in terrible conditions.


Annie’s letters: Palestinian communities stifled by Israel


MPs slams PA militias for assaulting and kidnapping Palestinian mother in Salfit


Checkpoints in the West Bank


71 Palestinian Women Forced to Labor at Checkpoints-Israelis Deny Women Access to Hospitals, Clinics


Mock Israheili Checkpoint at Columbia University [HQ]


Israelis stealing food from Palestinians on their way to work


Palestinian Wounded By Israeli Fire


Workers on strike protesting humiliation at checkpoint


Abu Sha’ar: Israel to blame for Omari Mosque collapse


IOF soldiers killed 12 Palestinians in December


Fayyad says not seeking unilateral state recognition


Bahr calls on Abbas to step down if he is unable to end Palestinian division


Nakhala: New Gaza-bound aid convoy from Asia will expose Israel


Israel sonic booms ‘making crocs randy’


Palestinian Authority condemns Israeli air strike on Gaza


Gaza-bound activists arrive in Turkey


Jewish settlers cut down productive trees, burn sheep in Nablus villages


Group: Palestinian communities stifled by Israel,7340,L-4001239,00.html


HRW: US ‘should link aid’ to Israeli settlements


Asian Campaign to End Siege in Gaza to arrive in Damascus – FOCUS Information Agency


Hamdan: Palestinians in Lebanon would not destabilize host country


Australia Rejects Israeli Ordered Media Censorship On Al-Manar




U.S. Gov’t Responds to Questions About Imprisoned Palestinian Protest Organizer Abdallah Abu Rahmah


Obama’s failure has served to expose Israeli intransigence here and abroad


Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal


HRW: Israel/West Bank: Separate and unequal

Under Discriminatory Policies, Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer


HRW: Israel harshly discriminates against Palestinians


Abbas summons rival for Fatah reconciliation


Gaza: 1 crossing operates partly


New Yad Vashem program aims to teach Arabs about the Holocaust – Jewish Theatre!/palestine/status/16424027123884032


ياللي بتصلي إتقي الله


International Solidarity Movement: Soldiers Occupy House and Attack Demonstrators, Arresting Two Activists




Soldiers Occupy House and Attack Demonstrators, Arresting Two Activists


Tariq Shadid – Palestine is Full of Heroes


Gaza: Five Palestinians killed in Israeli raid




Lebanon Complains To The UN Over Israeli Spy Devices Located in the Country


Raise funds for PCRF by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro


‘PA talks with Israel in a deep coma’


‘Arabs shouldn’t count on US’


All stories of patients of PCRF and surgeries, possible thanks to your donations, please share your sadaqa for the sake of the victims of war


PCRF : Blog Post : Zaid & Mohammad – Days 1 & 2


Malta’s foreign minister visits the Gaza Strip


Israel’s Ship of Fools 2


What H. Res. 1765 Tells Us About the Peace Camp?


Nazi Crimes as Ideological Cover for Israeli Crimes


A Doctor in Galilee – Book Review


Turkey says parliaments should stay out of apology row with Israel


Turkey might not help Palestine get recognized


Refugees Committee Slams The “Jordan Is Palestine” Conference


OIC Expresses Its Concern about the Critical Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory


UNRWA, Hamas argue over arranging foreign trips for Gaza pupils


Army Claims Responsibility For Gaza Assassination, Five Palestinians Killed


Medics: 5 dead in Gaza airstrike


PA police detain 15 at Allenby crossing


Video: John Pilger – The War You Don’t See :: HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”


Full Video:


The delusions of the peace process


No justice in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, Palestine


Sheikh Jarrah: Daoudi family faces first court appearance to fight eviction


5 killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza


“Gaza Diver” documentary about #PCRF patient Khalil is showing again today at 1 pm #DFF2010 #Gaza


21.12 AICafe Event: Health Care in Palestine


Palestinian PM says not seeking UDI: “We’re not looking for a Mickey Mouse state…”


The Deir Yassin Remembered Blog: Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-11-10


Palestine Video: Nabi Saleh Weekly Demo – IOF Shoots Young Man in the Head with a Teargas Projectile



Palestine Video: Beit Ommar [Ummar] Weekly Demo 18-12-10.


Palestine Video: Al-Ma’asara Demonstration 17/12/2010 Israeli Army Attacks Nonviolent Demonstrators


Ramallah Online: WikiLeaks — Whose Agenda?


Ramallah Online: Ship of Fools 2


Soldiers Occupy House and Attack Demonstrators, Arresting Two Activists






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