Hamas: Abbas’s new solution insensitive to the Palestinians’ suffering

[ 19/12/2010 – 08:04 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Senior Hamas politburo member Izzat Al Resheq is calling on Palestine’s de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to recant on what he called “absurd politics”, and desist from selling what he described as “illusions” to the Palestinians.

The Jordanian news journal, Al Rai, reported Saturday that Abbas would host Sunday a hundred Israeli figures at his Ramallah home in a shot at directly addressing the Israeli public to discuss a solution to the stalemate Abbas met when negotiating with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“A few hours after Israel commits a crime that killed five Palestinians, and in light of the continued security persecution against Palestinians in the West Bank, and in light of continued settlement activity, Judaization, and exile of Palestinian representatives of Jerusalem, Abbas organizes this meeting to discuss ways out of the crisis he and the entire peace process faces.”

“The meeting reflects Abbas’s denial of the pain and wounds of our people and gives a message to the world that Abbas has run out of options and alternatives, and can only find ways to resume the peace process, which has already died, and that all attempts to breathe life back into its corpse are not going to work.”

Abbas should not “waste his time in such events. He should turn to the choice of the Palestinian people, the option of national unity based on steadfastness and resistance.”

“This is the only option that can put an end to the deteorioration in the Palestinian cause, the only option that can take back our rights and preserve our constants.”

Source: Palestinian Information Center

Hamas: Abbas’s new solution insensitive to the Palestinians’ suffering.

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