MPs slams PA militias for assaulting and kidnapping Palestinian mother in Salfit

[ 19/12/2010 – 12:02 PM ]


SALFIT, (PIC)– Palestinian lawmakers Omar Abdelrazek and Nasser Abdeljawwad strongly denounced the Palestinian authority’s intelligence apparatus for physically assaulting and kidnapping a Palestinian woman in Salfit city as she was defending her child.

Militia men from the PA intelligence on Saturday severely beat Mahya Ashtiya dislocating one of her shoulders and causing her many bruises and injuries before rounding her up and taking her to the women’s prison in Jenin city.

She was attacked while trying to prevent the militia men from detaining her little boy on allegation of writing slogans on walls.

The lawmakers condemned the assault on this woman as moral bankruptcy and a violation of the Palestinian law and norms and called on human rights organizations to intervene to curb these acts did harm to the history of the Palestinian people and their struggle.

Ashtiya was among other four detainees kidnapped yesterday by the PA militias in the cities of Nablus, Qalqiliya and Al-Khalil.

These four detainees included head of Beit Ummar town in Al-Khalil Farhan Alqam who was kidnapped during a violent raid on his home.

In another incident, the family of detainee Yasser Amro appealed to Al-Dameer association for human rights to urgently intervene to save the life of its son who was kidnapped by the PA preventive security in August 24 and now he is in appalling health condition as a result of his exposure to severe torture.

Sources close the family said that the PA preventive security detained Amro once before, but this time he is in Jericho prison, adding that his parents were allowed to visit him only on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr vacation, where he was seen suffering from tremors in his limbs and unable to stand or walk as a result of torture.

His family and representatives of human rights organizations are not allowed to visit Amro who is now in very critical health condition, according to reliable sources from the prison.

For its part, the family of Jamal Al-Jadayel, the head of Samu town’s municipal council, reported that its son has been exposed to maltreatment and torture at the hands of PA intelligence interrogators in Al-Khalil city since November 27.

The father of Jadayel, who was able to see his son last Thursday, said that he was suffering from a significant decline in his health and weight and seemed pale and sick.

Jadayel was kidnapped four times before by the Israeli occupation and the PA security militias, but the last time he was kept in the intelligence jail in Al-Khalil.

Fatah faction had taken advantage of the absence of Jadayel, during his previous detention in Israeli jails, and appointed one of its members called Abdulnabi Hawamdeh in his place as the head of the municipal council in the town.

MPs slams PA militias for assaulting and kidnapping Palestinian mother in Salfit.

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