Nakhala: New Gaza-bound aid convoy from Asia will expose Israel

[ 19/12/2010 – 10:44 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Chief Islamic Jihad Movement official Ziad Nakhala warmly welcomed a new convoy from Asia set to deliever humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and called on the Palestinians to support and promote such campaigns that “expose Israel”.

“The convoy has declared its solidarity with the Palestinian people, and has assured the unity of humanity in face of the unjust Israeli enterprise,” Nakhala told the PIC on the sidelines of a press conference for the convoy held Saturday.

The objective of these convoys, besides busting the Gaza siege, is to expose the racist Israeli state, Nakhala went on to say that the Zionist project “not only targets the Palestinian people, but it also targets humanity,” refering to the tight siege placed on the people and children and home demolitions.

It is the duty of the Palestinian people and rights groups to promote campaigns such as these so they can fulfill their objectives and lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, which is unarmed according to international standards.

Blockade-breaking convoys will have a major impact in ending the siege on the strip, Nakhala forecasted.

Nakhala: New Gaza-bound aid convoy from Asia will expose Israel.

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