Erdogan: Turkey still demands apology from Israel | Al Bawaba


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday said that there is no change in the Turkish position, demanding an apology from Israel following its deadly raid on the “freedom flotilla.” The Turkish leader noted that this message was conveyed to Israel during the recent talks held in Geneva recently between officials from both sides.

Erdogan, in an interview with the Syrian agency reported, SANA, stated: “There has been no change in the Turkish demands following the Israeli aggression on the vessels of humanitarian aid to Gaza and the killing of nine Turkish citizens.”

Erdogan reiterated that the resumption of full relations between the two countries will take place just after an apology from Israel and compensation payments for the relatives of the victims.

On the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Erdogan said: “The failure of U.S. efforts to convince Israel to extend its previous decision to freeze construction of settlements is a source of serious concern for Turkey.”

Erdogan: Turkey still demands apology from Israel | Al Bawaba.

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