Imprisonment or assassination or deportation – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Imprisonment or assassination or deportation 


Agencies– In an exclusive interview with Sheikh Raed Salah to pls48 website in Arabic, Sheikh Raed Salah said that he reserve the right to determine when he will enter the Aqsa mosque, regardless of the occupation consent or rejection. He added that once the leader of the Islamic movement in cooperation with our people in Jerusalem decide that its time to enter the Aqsa mosque I will enter immediately without hesitation.

The Sheikh added that the occupation will not succeed in Judaizing Jerusalem even if they build on every inch in occupied Jerusalem, because we and the people of Jerusalem will not sanction the presence of the occupation in Jerusalem, and therefore we will keep divulging the occupation practices in Jerusalem. The Sheikh pointed out that we are certain that the coming days will witness the demise of the occupation from Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Raed said that the occupation has to understand that it has no right of ownership over one iota of Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque, and therefore the language of power will not guarantee them any thing but mirage and illusions. He emphasized also that the case of Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque has its invariables, which no authority on earth can change it.

In response to a question asked about the possibility of assassinating Sheikh Raed, he said that we are in front of three possibilities: the first is making up a scenario by the Israeli Authority in order to send us back into jail; second to assassinate me; and the third one is to deport me outside of my country. Sheikh Raed added that Israeli officials are speaking openly about deporting the Palestinian Arabs who live inside the Palestinian territories of 1948. He pointed out that some other are speaking about enacting laws that sanctioning deportation, such as the law of revoking the nationality of those who accused of committing security offenses and so on.

Sheikh Raed Salah warned the destroying the Aqsa mosque by the Israeli occupation means a declaration of religious war that no one can predict its consequences, thus he warned the occupation not to be deluded by the current weakness that the Islamic world broadcast.

Imprisonment or assassination or deportation – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades.

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