Son of MP Abu Jehaisha wounded during pursuit by PA militias

[ 20/12/2010 – 01:02 PM ]


Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– A son of Palestinian lawmaker Mohamed Abu Jehaisha was wounded as he was being chased on Sunday evening by militia men from the Palestinian authority (PA).

Sources close to MP Abu Jehaisha said that one of his sons called Miqdad, 24, broke his leg after he fell from a height of five meters during the pursuit.

Without any reason, except their affiliation with Hamas, all the sons of Abu Jehaisha were kidnapped by the PA militias, and whenever one of them is released, another is detained.

In a separate incident, the PA preventive security stormed yesterday Al-Daheria town, southwest of Al-Khalil city, and raided homes.

Informed Palestinian sources said that the preventive security militias ransacked the house of Sheikh Adel Shenyor and kidnapped him.

Sheikh Shenyor is one of the prominent religious figures in Al-Khalil and spent long years in Israeli jails before he was kidnapped many times by the PA preventive and intelligence security militias.

The sources added that the same militias handed summonses to dozens of citizens from the officer in charge of the preventive security in Al-Daheria town.

The PA intelligence militias reportedly have been keeping member of the Seir town’s municipal council Hakim Shallaldah in solitary cell for three days in Dura town of Al-Khalil. The militias prevented his family and human rights organizations from visiting him.

Six other Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement were also kidnapped by PA militias yesterday in the cities of Al-Khalil and Tulkarem, according to local sources.

Son of MP Abu Jehaisha wounded during pursuit by PA militias.

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