Bakirat: Israel taking steps to Judaize Jerusalem city wall

[ 20/12/2010 – 08:20 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– President of Jerusalem’s Aqsa Academy Najih Bakirat accused Israel of making deliberate changes to the historic city walls of Jerusalem when placing a stone from the alleged temple scene near the Sahira Gate.

Since the occupation in 1967, Israeli authorities have been trying to change the historic wall erected in the era of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Bakirat said.

“It began with planting trees and other plants around the wall, known as the ‘wall garden’; then the wall turned into a tourist site.”

Often exploiting the wall, Israel opened for the first time in 400 years some of the openings near the Maghariba Gate. The wall had also been defaced in the Sharaf neighborhood with structures mounted over it.

Israel’s violations went on the rise in 2000 when authorities passed a railway through one of the wall’s gates, obstructing movement there. Bakirat considered the new move in placing the alleged temple stone on the wall an attempt at transforming the wall from an Arab, Islamic sanctuary into a false Jewish token of heritage before taking full control of it. He called attempts to decorate the wall with Israeli flags and banners forgery and Judaization.

“We will not stand by idly,” Bakirat said, wishing to get across three messages, the first to Israel to refrain from violating Islamic endowments, holy sites, and heritage; the second to UNESCO and other cultural organizations to reject Israel’s transformation of hundreds of years of heritage; and the third to Arab and Muslim leaders to realize the assault being made against Jerusalem.

Source: PIC : Bakirat: Israel taking steps to Judaize Jerusalem city wall.

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