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Two Palestinians Injured In Khan Younis


Resheq: Hamas will not use reconciliation talks as cover for Fatah’s crimes


Israel to approve $28m plan to restore Jewish sites in Jerusalem


Israeli air raids wound four citizens


Livni: We need to respond to any attack from Gaza


Israeli warplanes blast Qassam position


Real Torah Jews Against Zionism


78-year-old woman denied visit to detained son


King County reviewing bus ad policy


Bardawil: IOA killing Palestinians in new method


Justice ministry: The PA’s crimes in W. Bank cannot be dropped by prescription


Israel carries out more air raids in Gaza Strip


Israel demolishes Palestinian home east of Bethlehem


KABOBfest: The Zionist Adventure (Part 1)

The death of the peace process

Nadia Hijab: The Devil’s in the Discourse

Palestinian wins case against Shin Bet

Commentator claims that peace talks haven’t stopped and attempts to reactivate them are deceptive

Breaking the Silence – new book publisehd

Separate and Unequal: Israel’s Discriminatory Treatment of Palestinians at PS.HADNEWS.COM

Israeli PM weighs public plea for spy’s release from US

Annie’s letters: Journalists and tourists gather FILE –

Attending the World: Separate & Unequal: Israel’s Discriminatory Treatment of Palestinians

PA Cabinet: Setting new date for local elections

PA to compensate farmers for losses due to bad weather

Egypt uncovers Israeli spy cell attempting to recruit Syrians and Lebanese

Under My Olive Tree: Urgent: Support “Go Green” Today!

Tappuah checkpoint closed following chase

Jericho Municipality receives part of the Japanese grant

Easing of Gaza blockade fails to reverse housing crisis

Air Force bombs several targets in Gaza,7340,L-4002589,00.html

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza, Palestinians report

Mondoweiss: ondoweiss: The smoking cable: Israel said it had ’secret accord’ w/ US ovr expanding settlements even as Obama said they must stop

Israel Opens Only Kerem Shalom Border

PA intelligence detains journalists at Pal Media

Annie’s letters: Aid groups say they, not Hamas, are thwarted by Israeli restrictions on Gaza

Annie’s letters: IBISH: Palestinians are pursuing bilateralism, not unilateralism

Annie’s letters: My letter to USAToday RE Tutu, Carter: Time to move on Mideast peace

Palestine Daily is out!

Abbas hindering peace negotiations,7340,L-4002568,00.html

Israeli jets hit Gaza for 2nd time in day

The occupation testimonies, part III: inside the checkpoint

Gaza anti-tank missile penetrated IDF tank, Ashkenazi reveals

PA submits objection to US House over anti-state vote

Recreational counselling for female prisoners freed from Israeli prisons

Three Arrested in Overnight Raid Near Nablus

Mark the 2nd anniversary of Cast Lead – London vigil, 27 December, 1-3pm

Israeli troops seriously wound Palestinian young man near Ramallah

Overnight raids target Nablus, Al-Khader

Jerusalem scrambles as European states move to upgrade ties with Palestinians

Political repression in Silwan

Palestinian grassroots activist to be expelled from East Jerusalem

Release Ameer Makhoul, All Palestinian Political Prisoners!

Fatah: Would never ask occupation for help

How Europe aids the Occupation of Palestine

Wikileaks tells about Sarkozy’s view on Israel and Palestine

Palestinian Embassy in Brazil Ready to be Constructed

Naalin residents: Raze illegal police structure,7340,L-4002394,00.html

Gazan Women and Children Paint Their Trauma

Gaza Oxfam Weekly Update

Teens suspected of attacking Arabs,7340,L-4002406,00.html

New movie: Hebron in my Heart

In a new 100-page report PCHR details the collective punishment of the population of Gaza

Attack on Gaza Dec 20, 2010 in Pictures

Palestinian Minors in Israeli Jails

OPT: Easing of Gaza blockade fails to reverse housing crisis

Tourism in Palestine on the rise

Violence escalates along Gaza-Israel border

Israeli strike on Gaza strip amid tensions

IDF chief: Gaza reality explosive,7340,L-4002366,00.html

ADL publishes list of top issues affecting Jews in 2010


Israel Orders Envoys to Thwart Palestinian Diplomatic Efforts at UN

Hamas: Wikileaks exposes Israel-Fatah alliance

PLC delegation to Yemen: The PA rips the Palestinian social fabric apart

Gaza power plant runs successfully on fuels purchased from Egypt

Brazil Rejects US Mediation, Clears Land for Palestinian Embassy

Chief of staff: Gaza reality fragile,7340,L-4002357,00.html

Wikileaks: Shabak Told U.S. Hamas Wouldn’t Take Over Gaza

Palestinian gov’t asks world to bridle Israeli attacks on civilians

Brazil: a new face in the Middle East

Brazil donates land for Palestinian embassy

Diskin: Fatah asked us to attack Hamas

Report: Israel on offensive over Palestinian diplomacy

Israeli warplanes stage eight attacks in Gaza overnight

Lebanese! Beware of the treacherous Israeli snake

British MP: Tzipi Livni is a war criminal, daughter of a terrorist

Israeli paper heading campaign to protest Barcelona deal with Qatar Foundation

North couple set up care home in Palestine

US Palestinians condemn FBI repression of solidarity movement

Court to Rule on Charges against Israeli Activist Jonathan Pollak

Will Recent Changes to the Closure Policy be Enough To Build in Gaza?

Nablus Gets a Facebook

Richard Falk on Voice of Palestine

Jaish Al-Islam fires projectile toward Israel

Bakirat: Israel taking steps to Judaize Jerusalem city wall


Weak Arguments

Fear and loathing in Israel 2010

Erdoğan asks Obama to block Armenian ‘genocide’ resolution

The Challenge of Feeding a Family in Gaza

Hundreds of trees cut down in settlement,7340,L-4002151,00.html

Israeli raid victims honored by memorial in Madrid

I Dreamed This was Only a Nightmare

Hidden Histories – Book Review

Wasted Journeys: Anti-Racism in Israel

‘No Such Thing as Justice in the Holy Land’

As Bethlehem Readies For Christmas, All Markets Declared Free Of Settlement Products

Violence escalates along Gaza-Israel border–+World+News

Three Wounded in Gaza, Three Captured in Nablus

Almost 100 Gaza laborers shot this year for collecting rocks; Abbas wanted Israel to help attack Hamas, per WikiLeaks

Israel Demolishing Talks

‘Iran MPs join Gaza aid convoy in Syria’

IOF deploy super-armored tanks « 63 Years

Carter: Brazil can be a leader in the peace process

Geneva Initiative Visits Ramallah: From Virtual to Gastronomical

Israel orders skids on Palestinian state

Brazil: No Mideast peace with US mediation,7340,L-4002190,00.html

Raji Sourani – Petitioning the Israeli High Court for Justice

Israel Effectively Denies Palestinian Victims of Operation Cast Lead Access to Justice: PCHR files petition to Israeli Supreme Court

AIPAC’s Scandalous Behaviors

Israeli fighter jets attack Gaza

AIPAC’s Scandalous Behaviors

Two wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Gaza Under Illegal Attack Again

Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?

House vote against Palestinian statehood actually showed that Israel lobby is losing its grip

Stuttgarter Erklärung

Growing worldwide solidarity with Palestine

Israel warplanes raid Gaza

Annie’s letters: Tutu, Carter: Time to move on Mideast peace

Annie’s letters: Growing Up Palestinian in the Age of the Wall

Annie’s letters: PLO official: any deal with Israel won’t succeed without refugees

Window Into Palestine: Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War

Window Into Palestine: Fwd: Who is the real Obama? | Unshackling Congress from Israel

Window Into Palestine: Don’t dip into apartheid

Palestinian official declares new intifada

Huge explosion in Khan Younis in Gaza | Breaking | Live reported by @From_Gaza follow on Twitter:!/From_Gaza/status/16967294982819841

Thirteen-year-old Sentenced to 21 Days House Arrest in Jerusalem

Mohor: A lighter in my pocket.

Mohor: Person of the month.

Brazil: There won’t be Mideast peace as long as U.S. is ‘guardian’

Kurdish Turkey comes out on streets to welcome Asia-Gaza Caravan

Bat Yam rally: Death to Jewish women who date Arabs,7340,L-4002085,00.html

‘Israel seeks to alter Quds demography’

IOF troops destroy five shops in Al-Khalil, storm hospital in Bethlehem

IOA scheme to build 130 housing units in OJ endorsed

Barhoum: PA’s torture of Hamas’s people is only a matter of time

Ministry of prisoners: What is happening in WB is high treason

Colonialism root cause of Palestine crisis

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