Justice ministry: The PA’s crimes in W. Bank cannot be dropped by prescription

[ 21/12/2010 – 07:29 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Director of legal affairs in the Palestinian ministry of justice Osama Saad said that the Palestinian authority (PA) in the West Bank still wage frenzied political arrest campaigns among citizens, and torture everyone opposing its agenda, describing its actions as “crimes” that cannot be revoked by prescription.

In a conference held at the government’s information office on Tuesday, Saad pointed out that the number of political detainees in PA jails amounted to nearly 1, 000 citizens.

He emphasized that the kidnapping of social and national figures in the West Bank including women is a clear reflection of the low level to which the PA and its security forces have stooped.

The official also underscored that the crimes committed by the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank is a violation of the Palestinian basic law and other relevant laws, which provide for the protection of the citizens’ dignity and criminalize political arrest.

The official noted that the arrest and torture of citizens are crimes according to the Palestinian law and the perpetrators are considered criminals who must be arrested and brought to justice no matter how long it takes.

In a related incident, the PA security militias kidnapped seven Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas and summoned dozens of them for interrogation in the cities of Nablus and Al-Khalil, according to local sources on Tuesday.

In Al-Khalil city, local sources reported that the militias, for three days, have been raiding homes, kidnapping citizens in Al-Dahirya town.

Among the detainees, was an elderly man aged 65 called Misbah Al-Zubdiya who suffers from unilateral paralysis and uses crutches to walk.

Justice ministry: The PA’s crimes in W. Bank cannot be dropped by prescription.

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