Resheq: Hamas will not use reconciliation talks as cover for Fatah’s crimes

[ 21/12/2010 – 08:12 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas politburo member Izzat Resheq in a press conference in Damascus noon Tuesday held to discuss the sharp rise in the West Bank-governing Fatah party’s abuse of Hamas supporters said his movement will not use rounds of Palestinian reconciliation talks to provide a cover for Fatah’s crimes.

Resheq pointed the finger at Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas for the spoke in the wheel of national reconciliation, and went on to explain that the party’s acts are proving it to be uninterested in reconciliation talks.

Fatah with its political arrests in the West Bank that have affected hundreds of Hamas supporters has acted in service to Israel and Jewish settlers and become a great burden to the nation and its people, Resheq said, calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners in PA jails, the six who have gone on hunger strike in particular.

“It is impossible that we sit down with Fatah leaders and shake their hands while our people are being detained and tortured,” said senior Hamas official Salih Al Aroori.

“As prisoners reach 26 days of hunger strike, death becomes easier than the life they live in Abbas’s prisons, which in reality does not comply with any standards,” Aroori said in reference to the six prisoners who boldly went on hunger strike amid demands for their freedom.

“All of our moves have not worked with you,” Aroori said addressing Fatah officials. “Will it work to add the names of our prisoners on the swap list with Israel?”

Resheq: Hamas will not use reconciliation talks as cover for Fatah’s crimes.

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