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New Gaza war ‘a question of when, not if


Palestinian Kidnapped Near Tulkarem


If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine


Jerusalem #Daily


Gaza border tensions may lead to serious conflicts


Palestinian Statehood: Quality as Well as Quantity


Draft on settlements ready for U.N.: Palestinians


The smoking cable: Israel said it had ’secret accord’ with U.S. over expanding settlements even as Obama said in Cairo they must stop!


Construction Returns to the Separation Wall in al-Walaja


Palestine on the Horizon?


Meshaal: Palestinians do not want a nominal state


Israeli MKs impotent in the face of racism


U.n. Concerned About Home Demolitions In East Jerusalem


New Date For Local Elections About To Be Set


Jewish Settlers Seize Arab Land


We will resist through the occupation, the blockade, the oppression | By Ahmad Mesleh


The US House, Palestine and the peace camp – Sama Adnan


UN urges Israeli ‘restraint’, condemns projectiles


Rise in Israeli attacks on Gaza and Ramallah collaboration condemned


Netanyahu warns against out of control racism


Israeli warplanes attack Gaza refuge


Bolivia formally recognizes Palestine as independent state


Hamas MPs ask chief justice to implement verdicts


Khreisheh: Palestinian reconciliation absurd in light of West Bank situation


Ahmed Tibi: Jews and Arabs must fight Israel’s racism together


OIC: Situation of Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque


Bolivia to recognize sovereign Palestine


Hamas: Israeli rhetoric seeks new crisis


QNA | News | Qatar Ready to Host Intl Conference on Jerusalem, Says Al-Rumaihi


Israeli air strikes kill five Palestinians in Gaza




Standing together against US government witch hunt


Syrian 80-ton aid heads to Gaza

The reunification of my parents

Egypt: Stop Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza

Droit du peuple Palestinien à l’autodétermination – Vote de l’AG (Plénière) – Communiqué de presse (extraits) Français UNISPAL user survey Follow us on: Twitter RSS

Palestine Solidarity Project: Roadblock Established on Beit Ommar Street

Annie’s letters: Video: The art of Arabic calligraphy | Art and design |

gulfnews : Ultra marathon ace to go the distance for charity

Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination – GA vote (Plenary) – Press release (Excerpts)

Massive Explosions Rock Gaza, Cause Injuries

Israeli Settlers Break Into Aqsa Mosque Courtyard

New Israeli plan to build 180 settlement units near Amlesson area in J’lem

Hamas to file official complaint to UN over IAF strikes,7340,L-4003154,00.html

In Damascus, Palestinian Factions Hold Ceremony Honoring Asian Convoy To Gaza

Religion Should Unite, Not Divide

French Activist Detained At Ben Gurion Airport, Denied Entry

Israeli arms firm to benefit from EU-funded research

Abbas: ‘Israeli aggression’ will threaten peace process

The tragedy of child arrest: a story from Ofer Prison

EU to grant Palestinians duty free imports of farm and fish produce

Israelis Hold Racist Demonstrations against Migrant Workers, Palestinians

China says ready to renew Palestine recognition

Hamas calls on PA to end cooperation with Israel

PA security forces release Hebron journalists

Anti-Israel Bus Ads in Seattle Cause International Stir

Asian Aid Convoy Heads to Gaza

8 Palestinians including a woman were arrested during a demonstration in al-Walaja after having blocked bulldozers constructing the Wall

Bahaa Ayyoub, A local activist from Nabi Saleh was arrested by the army at a checkpoint at the entrance to the village earlier today

Fayyad: No state without Gaza

Mafia State: Kosovo’s Prime Minister Accused of Running Human Organ, Drug Trafficking Cartel

BDS Comes to JStreet

Israel, Palestinians warn of military escalation in Gaza

Tony Blair: Israel must reassure Palestinians that statehood is possible

West Bank detainees on hunger strike draw attention to the misery of their situation

Life under occupation – 14

House Arrest for Assaults on Arabs in Jerusalem

Gaza Christians look forward to celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem

Hamas says no reconciliation before release of political detainees in the West Bank

Baraka calls on Abbas to end talks and security cooperation with occupation

Israel deploying new defense system to counter Gaza militants’ state-of-art anti-tank weapon

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (December 15-21, 2010)

Dahlan approaches Europeans to mediate with Abbas on his behalf

PA fears new Israeli offensive on Gaza, Erekat says

Gaza victimized by double standard

Meridor: I hope another Cast Lead won’t be necessary

ISRAEL: Far from Feminist

Israeli army shells east Gaza



Under My Olive Tree: Under My Olive Tree Silver Sponsor for iAraby event

Jerusalem Municipality demolishes Palestinian home in Haii Iswih

Hamas MPs slam Fatah for arresting women

Two Palestinians injured in explosion

Haneyya: Israel’s plan to attack Gaza again is already set

Bardawil: Hamas will reconsider talks with Fatah in light of Wikileaks report

Citing anti-settlement pressure, Multilock to close W. Bank factory

UN has ‘serious concerns’ over home demolitions

Farwana: Jewish settlements being used to blackmail children

Palestinians demonstrate against buffer zone in northern Gaza

Israel slammed over railway project

Anti-tank Missile at Gaza Front Revives Memories of 2006 War

Gaza-bound Asia 1 reaches Syria

The curse of Ezra

UN official: 45% rise in home demolitions
الديمقراطية المصرية….. تقدم ام تراجع – بقلم: احمد الاسمر

Middle East Post: Preparing For Peace – By Jeff Pozmantier

Middle East Post: Let’s All Just Get Along (Without Historians)

Israel to build 180 settlement units in Jerusalem


Siege mentality: Israel designates BDS activist ‘a suspect of hostile terrorist activity’

U.S. armed ‘peace partner’ despite Israeli warning
Concerned that American assault rifles, ammo would be used to kill Jews

Australian local council joins Israel boycott | JTA – Jewish & Israel News

Israeli forces detain Palestinian near Tulkarem

Army Bombards Rafah
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‘I was as blind as the average left-of-center American. And then I spent a week in Ramallah and Bethlehem

Hamas: Arrests sabotaging reconciliation

Israel to fund historical renovations in occupied areas

International campaign asks for world support to Jerusalemite MPs

Israel razes another Palestinian home

Maan News Agency: Gaza power plant to try tunnel diesel from Egypt

If Gaza events spin out of control, Israel will struggle against new weaponry

Palestinian delegation from the Gaza Strip received in Kuwait

Iran’s Red Crescent Ready to Set Up Medical Center in Palestine

Israeli Police Arrests Nine Israelis, Mostly Teenagers, Who Formed A Gang To Attack Arabs

Airstrikes Continue in Gaza; Three Reported Injuries

Israel Stages Mock Air Raids Over Gaza

Meron Reuben complains to UN about attacks from Gaza

Seattle Mideast awareness campaign: 27 Dec silent vigil and metro bus ad campaign

Israeli message to Hamas,7340,L-4002676,00.html

Israeli Exceptionalism – Book Review

The Daily Star – Editorial – Palestine needs a unified policy


Gazans slam PA over West Bank arrests

Abbas Al Nouri in a moment of truth

Holy Land Patriarch voices hope for peace,7340,L-4002724,00.html

Ad accusing Israel causes stir in Seattle

Abbas conducts purge of Dahlan loyalists

Israel opens Gaza’s commercial crossings

Window Into Palestine: The Latest In Israel Boycott News

McLoughlin Post: Hate Speech Laws to Shield Israel from Accountability?


Window Into Palestine: The Delusions of the Peace Process

Video Palestine: More Hypocrisy U.S. Gov’t “Responds” to Questions About Imprisoned Palestinian Protest Organizer Abu Rahmah

من غــزة: بدايتي مع التدوين .. سنة 1993

Window Into Palestine: Under Discriminatory Policies, Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer – Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal

Window Into Palestine: Photos of occupied Haifa, Palestine

From Occupied Palestine, With Love: PCHR report: “Illegal Closure of the Gaza Strip: Collective Punishment of the Civilian Population”

Palestine Think Tank: Ken’s “kidnapping” and convoy strategies (a commenter queries)

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