PressTV – ‘Israel rallying for another Gaza war’

Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:40PM
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An Israeli warplane
A Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official has warned that Israel has been rallying the international community for launching another war on the Gaza Strip.

“Israel is preparing the internal and international opinion using the same scenario” like the Gaza war, Ahmed Majdalani, an official with the group which includes most of the Palestinian factions, said on Thursday, Xinhua reported.

The Gaza war at the turn of 2009 killed more than 1,400 Palestinians, inflicting a damage of above USD 1.6 billion on the coastal sliver’s economy.

Tel Aviv launched the offensive under the pretext of responding to alleged Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

The home-made projectiles are seldom known to have caused any casualties or considerable damage to Israeli properties.

The PLO official also said Israel claims that Gaza is a source of threat to its security, and tries to promote “these claims” locally and globally, adding “this proves there is a planned intention to wage a wide aggression on Gaza.”

The United Nations fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict has found Tel Aviv guilty of committing war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during the deadly operation.

The report by the UN mission blamed Israel for deliberate targeting of civilians and “systematically reckless” way of using white phosphorus in residential areas, notably on the UN Relief and Works Agency compound in the Gaza City as well as two Gaza-based hospitals.


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PressTV – ‘Israel rallying for another Gaza war’.

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