Rezqa: Israel boosting military presence to justify future strikes on Gaza

[ 23/12/2010 – 11:15 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Yousef Rezqa, political advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister, said Wednesday that Israel is aiming by its recent boost of military presence around the Gaza Strip to produce enough media justifications to continue assassinating Gazans by air.

“As we near the second anniversary of the second war, Israel decided to ramp up military action against Gaza,” Rezqa said in a press statement. “The boost surfaced with the deployment of the 9th Battalion along the Gaza border, which is equipped with armor active protection system against missiles known as Windbreaker.”

Rezqa explained that Israel does not want Gaza to develop under the rule of the Hamas resistance movement, considering the group a fundamentalist movement not recognizing Israel’s existence, and calling for the complete liberation of Palestinian soil.

“The military boost has also surfaced with a series of military maneuvers in Tel Aviv and elsewhere simulating missile strikes on Tel Aviv, and the recent string of hits starting with Jamal al-Namnam and reaching five more martyrs in Dir Al Beleh, and military orders against Hamas leaders,” he went on to say. The orders are “the first since the last war on Gaza, according to Israel.”

Rezqa denied Israeli claims that the Palestinians gained possession of anti-tank Cornet missiles that can pinpoint targets from four kilometers.

Rezqa: Israel boosting military presence to justify future strikes on Gaza.

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