Ashqar: Fatah uses reconciliation as Trojan horse to implement US-Zio schemes

[ 24/12/2010 – 12:22 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian lawmaker MP Ismael Al-Ashqar of Hamas Movement has accused Thursday the Fatah Movement of using the reconciliation meetings with Hamas’s leadership as Trojan horse to implement a US-Israeli agenda in occupied Palestine.

In a statement, he issued Thursday, Ashqar said: “The Palestinian reconciliation isn’t merely signing of papers and issuing media statements here and there.” He also charged that Fatah movement used the reconciliation meetings with Hamas purposely to appear as if it was concerned about the national interests of the Palestinian people while continuing the heinous crimes against members of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance factions in the West Bank.

Moreover, Ashqar accused Fatah of searching for a national reconciliation while maintaining political arrests, which, he said, Hamas would never allow, underscoring that Fatah faction deceived the Palestinian people by alleging that Hamas was the party that rejects and derails the reconciliation efforts.

“We in Hamas are very much keen on achieving a genuine and permanent national reconciliation as a legitimate and national imperative, and without it, our internal front would remain weak and volatile,” Ashqar stressed.

Ashqar pointed out that his Movement will not sit with Fatah before Palestinian women and political detainees in the PA jails are freed. He also deplored threats uttered by Fatah leader Azzam Al-Ahmad who threatened to take “strategic” steps to deal with Hamas and the political rift.

“I wished that Ahmad used such threats against the Israeli occupation, which is the only enemy of the Palestinian people; but it is sad to say that Ahmad and his Fatah Movement deal with Hamas as if it was the enemy, and not the Israeli occupation. So, it is better for Fatah to rethink its position instead of setting with the Israelis in futile negotiations leading to more losses of the Palestinian legal rights and the national interests,” Ashqar highlighted.

He also regretted Fatah’s disavowal of its basic principles, and the fall of the Movement in the swarm of security coordination with the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

Ashqar: Fatah uses reconciliation as Trojan horse to implement US-Zio schemes.

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