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Palestine Video: Make a wish for Palestine – Génération Palestine


Palestine Video: Bolivia Officially Recognizes Palestine as Independent State


Palestine Video: Al Arakib [Araqib] citizens of Israel talk to Rabbis for Human Rights


Gaza: Two Years after the Horror


Palestine Video: Israel approves 13,000 new settlement units


Palestine Video: CRHistmas Carol – CRH 12 Days of Christmas Carol: Stop Cementing Israeli Apartheid


Cinnamon Zone: A conversation with Someone, The Other Side


Palestine Video: Bil’in Santa Protests Israeli Occupation and Apartheid Wall – Christmas under the gas 24.12.2010


News Analysis-Israeli Settlements-12-23-2010-(Part1)


Russia to Go Ahead with All-Round Assistance to Palestinian National


Ads promoting hatred of Muslims approved on NY buses, those supporting justice for Palestinians banned in Seattle. #FreeSpeechUSA

Fresh Gaza assault on cards for Tel Aviv


‘Hamas calls on Israel to respect truce’


1 hurt in clashes in Nabi Saleh


Thousands join Palestinians celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem


Gaza’s fallen women: doing time for ‘moral’ crime


Netanyahu comes out on side of racists


IOF troops assault Spanish group at the entrance of Bethlehem
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Questions About Your Mother


Right-wing Israelis rally to kick Arabs out of Bat Yam


Haaretz journalist doubles as anti-“delegitimization” operative


Seattle cancels anti-Israel bus advertising campaign


IOF Attack Weekly Anti-Wall Protest


Christmas with Arafat in Bethlehem – Nabil Sha’ath


Daily Roundup: Child, Journalist Injured in Anti-Wall Protests, Tanks Enter Gaza


Shadi Al Haj – The Palestinian National Anthem


Rally in Silwan protesting Israeli Practices


cartoon of the day


Zahhar: Hamas still committed to Israel truce


Political prisoners critical after four weeks on hunger strike


Annie’s letters: In Bethlehem tourism is reborn, but only for a few




Security and Defense: Avoiding Cast Lead II


Haniyeh to reshuffle cabinet


As border tensions grow, Israel’s defense industries battle each other


The ambulance evacuating the two injured in Nabi Saleh to the hospital isn’t being let out of the village by the army


60 year-old&a 52 year-old woman hit in the forehead&back of the head respectively by tear-gas projectiles in Nabi Saleh. Being evacuated now


New legislation on the detention of “security” suspects


Weekly anti-wall rally commemorates Christmas


Palestinian captives in Hawwara go on hunger strike


Gaza pupils study in iron-made classrooms


Ashqar: Fatah uses reconciliation as Trojan horse to implement US-Zio schemes


Patriarch arrives in Bethlehem


Soldiers shooting tear-gas into Nabi Saleh cover the village with it


Nabi saleh under siege from idf tear gas right now.


Jewish & Democratic: Mayor of “Upper” Nazareth bans Christmas trees, declares his town a “Jewish city”!/avinunu/status/18288722143350785


UN official condemns massive increase in East Jerusalem house demolitions by Israel


Kabaha: Claims of Fatah militia on hunger-strikers misleading


IOF troops storm Negev prison, confiscate captives’ winter clothes


PressTV – UN slams Israel for home destructions


Erekat Confirms The Need to Go to UN Security Council to Stop Settlement


WikiLeaks to ‘prove’ Mossad behind Dubai murder


Live Coverage: Latin Patriarch Enters as Celebrations Kick Off in Bethlehem


Netanyahu won’t attain peace with return to 1967 borders


Israel monitors aid convoy heading to Gaza


UN envoys criticize Israel home demolitions


Israeli forces shoot Palestinian farmer north of Gaza


Israeli military to expel Jerusalem Palestinian


UN: “Both Israel And Hamas Want Calm In Gaza”


Gaza crossings closed for weekend


As phones go dead, East Jerusalem residents lament Bezeq service


The Occupation Testimonies: The brutalization of the IDF


Hamas: Funding government proving tough


King Co. rejects Israeli-Gaza bus ad


13 Homeless After Home Demolition in Ras al Ahmud


Wave of ethnic rage sparks concern in Israel


Settlement expansion in Palestine rises by 65 per cent


As Peace Talks Stall, Fayyad Conjures a Palestinian State,8599,2039547,00.html#ixzz191YXHh2m


Hamas parliamentary bloc calls for releasing all hunger strikers from jails


Official: Economy distraction from stalled talks,7340,L-4003870,00.html


The Unexpected Sound of Christmas: Palestinians and the Bagpipe


Action Alert: Help Silwan Resident Adnan Gheith Stay in Jerusalem


UN Official Cites Devastating Impact Of Israeli Demolitions on Palestinian Children


Doug Mendenhall: Christmas letter never made it back to Palestine


Third Annual Shepherds’ Nights Festival Starts In Beit Sahour


Freedom of the Press in the Arab World


Abbas warns of Israeli escalation in Gaza


Israel stalls on promised Gaza exports


Supporters of rabbis’ letter: We’re not racists,7340,L-4003823,00.html


Assange: US press should fear being targeted


Israel wants U.N. to admonish Gaza for ‘unacceptable’ attacks


Gaza-bound Asia 1 arrives in Lebanon


Palestinian medic: Israel kills Gaza shepherd


Bereaved Gaza doctor to sue Israel,7340,L-4003546,00.html


After hunger strike, PA moves Hamas prisoners




Ramallah Online: Prisoners Group Brings Relief Behind Bars


Ramallah Online: IDF soldier testimonies, collected by Breaking the Silence


Ramallah Online: Help Silwan Resident Adnan Gheith Stay in Jerusalem


McLoughlin Post: Laila Yaghi on behalf of her son – please help me


Palestine Video: Philip Giraldi on ‘Spying on Americans’


Palestine Video: FBI: Don’t Spy on Us Say Minneapolis Activists


Palestine Video: Christmas in Bethlehem: business is slow despite increase in number of tourists


Window Into Palestine: Assange Admits Wikileaks A Fraud Run By Press For Israel


guerrilla radio: Il massacro quotidiano dei lavoratori palestinesi


International Solidarity Movement: 13 Homeless After Home Demolition in Ras al Ahmud


International Solidarity Movement: Army Raids the House of a Popular Committee Member in Beit Ummar Using Live Ammunition


PULSE: Deck London’s Walls III


International Solidarity Movement: Action Alert: Help Silwan Resident Adnan Gheith Stay in Jerusalem


Kawther Salam: Questions About Your Mother


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