Hamas parliamentary bloc calls for releasing all hunger strikers from jails

[ 23/12/2010 – 09:57 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas change and reform parliamentary bloc called anew for releasing immediately all hunger strikers from the Palestinian authority’s jails in the West Bank after their health conditions reached a deadly level.

Spokesman for the bloc MP Mushir Al-Masri affirmed on Wednesday that the hunger strikers in PA jails did not halt their strike as the PA security forces claimed and called on Fatah and its authority to let the prisoners appear on television if they were honest about their claims.

MP Masri held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his authority fully responsible for the lives of the hunger strikers and all prisoners who move between prisons and hospitals as a result of torture.

The spokesman called on Fatah authority to end its political and security ties with the Israeli occupation state and warned Abbas and Fatah that the Palestinian people will never have mercy on those who conspired against them and will bring them to justice sooner or later.

In this regard, senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil ruled out the possibility of entering into another round of reconciliation talks with Fatah faction at the present time as long as there are still political arrests in the West Bank.

Bardawil stated Thursday that the ball is in the court of Fatah which has to open the gates of its jails and desist from detaining Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank before talking about the national reconciliation.

The Hamas official accused Fatah of using the same Israeli approach with his Movement through trying to negotiate with Hamas under pressure and blackmail, stressing that his Movement refuses to yield to such pressures.

In a related incident, the PA security militias kidnapped three Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in Nablus city, and sentenced university student Sa’eed Marei to six months in prison, according to local sources on Thursday.

For their part, the Palestinian people in Bethlehem city expressed their dismay at seeing PA security militia going on join patrol with Israeli troops on the streets of their city.

Media sources reported Wednesday that the patrol was composed of five vehicles boarded by Israeli troops and four others boarded by PA militia men, adding that the militias prevented journalists from taking pictures and confiscated their cameras.

Hamas parliamentary bloc calls for releasing all hunger strikers from jails.

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