Kabaha: Claims of Fatah militia on hunger-strikers misleading

[ 24/12/2010 – 11:22 AM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Palestinian legislator MP Wasfi Kabaha has shrugged off the fabrications made by the Fatah militia in the West Bank claiming that hunger strikers in the Fatah jails ended their strike, describing such allegations as and attempt to mislead the Palestinian public.

He also deplored the Fatah militia claims that the hunger strikers took milk after 22 days of the hunger strike; saying that taking milk doesn’t in any way mean they ended the strike, daring the PA security officers in the West Bank to show the six detainees on TV.

“Indeed, such step (taking milk) came very late and after 22 days of the strike because Palestinian prisoners decided to go on hunger strike in Israeli jails used to take milk on the second day of the strike and not after 22 days… it is too late”, Kabaha underlined.

“They (Fatah officials) who bragged before the media that the strike was halted know the fact that the main demand of the hunger strikers is to implement the supreme court orders of releasing them no less and no more”,  Kabaha underscored.

Kabaha also called on all concerned parties to intervene immediately to save lives of the hunger strikers after their health conditions badly deteriorated because of the strike.

Six political detainees (all from Hamas), including university professor Dr. Ghassan Thoqan, in the PA Jericho jail have been on hunger strike for nearly one month now. All the detainees have court orders for their release but the Fatah militia ignored the orders.

The Fatah militia transferred the six detainees to six PA jails in the West Bank in an attempt to end the strike but the move failed as the hunger strike continued until now amidst snowballing disgruntlement among the Palestinian public.

Kabaha: Claims of Fatah militia on hunger-strikers misleading.

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