Bardawil: Neither Fatah nor Israel can take Gaza from Hamas

[ 25/12/2010 – 09:59 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official Dr. Salah al-Bardawil downplayed statements by Fatah leader Azzam al-Ahmed threatening that his party would not leave Gaza hijacked by Hamas.

“Azzam al-Ahmed contradicts himself sometimes saying the political arrests are a result of division and at times saying Fatah has no link to the arrests,” Bardawil told the Quds Press Friday.

“Hamas has not hijacked Gaza. Fatah hijacked the West Bank and overturned the elections Hamas won by majority, and rebelled against the legitimate government.”

Bardawil stressed his movement was not afraid of Fatah’s threats. “There is no possibility for Fatah to take control of Gaza except if they used Israel. But neither Azzam al-Ahmed nor Israel can defeat Hamas, which stood in the face of Israel’s first military strike.”

The government in Gaza said Ahmed’s statements confirmed that Fatah is continuing to meddle in Gaza’s internal arena.

“This calls for our security agencies to prosecute these rebels and bring them to justice,” the Gaza interior ministry said Friday. The ministry added that it will hold Fatah responsible for any acts of rebellion that sprout in Gaza.

Ahmed told the London newspaper Al Sharq Al-Awsat on Friday that Fatah had an alternative strategy in dealing with the Palestinian division. Declining to provide details, he said: “We will not leave Gaza hijacked by the armed Hamas militia, which has rebelled against the law.”

A cable surfaced on the Wikileaks website earlier this week reporting that Fatah asked Israeli security chief Yuval Diskin to strike on Hamas in 2007.

Hamas has recently pulled out of a slated meeting that attempted to achieve national reconciliation with the Fatah faction due to the latter’s streak of arrests and torture of Hamas supporters in the West Bank.

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Bardawil: Neither Fatah nor Israel can take Gaza from Hamas.

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