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Barkat: Seal Arab home along with Beit Yonatan,7340,L-4004295,00.html


The price of an apology


Santa Clause brings rubber bullets, tear gas, and arrests


Two Palestinian families demolish own homes under municipal orders in Sur Bahir


Palestinian youth shot, clashes sweep through Silwan


Israeli Soldiers Attack Two Protests In Hebron, Arrest Three Israeli Activists


Palestine Video: Aviación israelí lanzó 3 ataques contra Gaza


Annie’s letters: Israel’s illegal settlement activity is subsidised by American taxpayers through tax-exempt charities


Rebellious Arab Girl: Want to do something nice today?


Palestine Video: Apartheid North Jerusalem


Palestine Video: Demonstration against Political persecution and Oppression in Silwan 24-12-10


Palestine Video: Palestinians Celebrate Christmas in Occupied Bethlehem


Smokes Blow: Just leave the library!


The # Jerusalem Daily


Israeli military targets Palestinian paramedics during clashes


Gaza aid convoy heads for final stop


Vicious Zionist hasbara claimed Mavi Marmara passengers tried to “lynch” captured hijackers when in fact they protected, cared for them.


Scaling a wall: Santa in Palestine


Hundreds attend public prayer in Al Bustan today


100 couples tie knot at mass wedding in Gaza


Hamas: Israel ‘playing with fire’


Senior Lebanese fighter found dead


Egypt building high towers along Gaza border to improve security, stop infiltration, snipers


Madhoun: Hamas succeeded in pairing between resistance and rule


‘No Israeli troops near future Palestine’


Report: Israeli settlement activity peaks in November 2010


Al-Qassam commander: Israel is unable more than ever to break our will


Pope: May Christmas bring Israeli-Palestinian coexistence,7340,L-4004215,00.html


IHH to host welcome party for Marmara,7340,L-4004217,00.html


Hamas warns Israel against operations in Gaza Strip




Bil’in weekly demonstration on the occasion of Christmas December 24, 2010


Gaza aid convoy heads for final stop


Pre and post-protest clashes in Silwan: Lessons in civil disobedience


Nice on DADT & NewStart, Naughty on Afghanistan, Palestine, Wikileaks


Abbas: No Israeli presence in future state,7340,L-4004200,00.html


Cast Lead | The Videos


PA militias harass Hamas officials Qabha and Hajj en route to mosque


Al Qassam Brigades holds a press conference in Gaza


Hamas: We are ready to answer any Israeli aggression


Israel’s blood diamonds


Asia convoy waiting for Egypt visa to reach Gaza–.aspx


Allenby: PA detains 16, Israel denies 37 exit


Islamist leader found dead in Lebanon refugee camp


Haniyeh files complaint with UN


Documentary on 2008-2009 Gaza war debuts in Algeria


Israeli Foreign Ministry Plans New Hasbara Effort Against Palestinians | Sabbah Report


Hamas military chief: Israel is weaker and weaker


Hamas: Israel will disappear and Palestine will remain ours


STL-PSC Flash Mob: Boycott Israeli Apartheid in Palestine! (YouTube Censors the Video)


Zahhar: The PA-Israeli coalition against the Palestinians will come to an end


Hamas, PFLP-GC affirm: No meddling in Lebanese internal affairs


RCA begins the second phase of rehabilitation programme in Palestine


PA hopes for Palestinian state next year


Hamas abiding by Israel truce but ready for war




Sabbah Report: Why Members of Congress Oppose a Unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Independence


Sabbah Report: Jeffrey Goldberg’s Anti-Boycott Bluster & Blunder


القسام يكشف عن حقائق وأرقام ويعلن لأول مرة عن سلسلة عمليات


Nativity deportees miss Bethlehem on Christmas


Bardawil: Neither Fatah nor Israel can take Gaza from Hamas


US should recognize Palestine – John Quigley


Palestinians under Occupation and Violence | Gallery 2


Starvet hem, shoot them then give them cancer


Make a Wish For Palestine! ♥ [HQ]


Beit Ommar Protest Against Karmei Tsur Settlement! [HQ]


Christian Celebrate Merry Christmas Bethlehem Under Zionism


Bethlehem sees record pilgrim crowd for Christmas


Santa Clause brings Rubber Bullets, Gas and Arrests


‘Christmas for all’ appears on new postage stamp


Tens of civilians hurt during weekly anti wall marches


Rights groups demand end to Palestinian suffering in Egyptian jails


Israel Set To Build And Market 5000 Units In Occupied East Jerusalem, W. Bank


Israel escalates air strikes on Gaza, wounds two in night raids


Ecuador formally recognizes Palestinian state


Gaza flotilla flagship to return to Istanbul


Army Carries Out Three Air Strikes In Gaza


Ecuador recognizes Palestine state


Tens of thousands turn out for Christmas in Bethlehem



Israeli airstrikes injure 3 Gazans


Hamas says committed to mutual truce with Israel



Israelis attack demo on Christmas Eve


Sabri: Aqsa is greater than to be the subject of bargaining



One More Country Recognizes the Sovereignty of Palestine


Tensions High 2 Years Since Launch Of Gaza War


Hamas strongman against escalation with Israel


Palestinian government denies Israeli claims about Iranian and Syrian military experts presence


Bethlehem Prepared for Midnight Mass


Youth arrest in Nabi Saleh


Israeli Military Kills Shepherd in Beit Lahya




International Solidarity Movement: Festive demonstrators assailed with tear-gas in Bil’in


Palestine Video: Christmas in Bethlehem


Palestine Video: Press Conference: Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign on King County Bus Ad


P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: Palestinian doctor open legal proceedings against the Israeli War Ministry


Palestine Video: Settlers and IDF Attempt to Steal Old Village Mosque, Beit Ommar, West Bank, Palestine


P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: Judaism in its Finest Hour


Palestine Video: Beit Ommar Protest Against Karmei Tsur Settlement 12/18/10


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