Documentary on 2008-2009 Gaza war debuts in Algeria

[ 25/12/2010 – 11:03 AM ]


ALGERIA, (PIC)– Algerian filmmakers Samir Abdullah and Khairuddin Mabrook announced their film dubbed “The Gaza Disaster” documenting Israel’s last war on Gaza will debut in cinemas throughout the world on March 16, 2011.

The documentary was presented for the first time Thursday in the cinema museum in the Algerian city of Wahran catching heavy media attention in the country.

The objective of the joint Palestinian-French film was to “form a live documentary” of Israel’s crimes, not commercially, but to “address all of humanity,” and “move the international community to prosecute Israel for its criminal acts against the Palestinians,” Abdullah and Mabrook said in a press statement at the sidelines of the film’s local debut.

The film will be shown Saturday in Tayarat and in the capital Algiers on December 27, Abdullah said, adding that a 55-minute televised version was aired in France after images had beforehand been posted on the net.

The 100-minute documentary captures in detail the tragedy and suffering the Palestinians sustained in Israel’s strike on Gaza, an official media source in Algeria said Friday. The directors were allowed entry into the Palestinian territories in January 2009 accompanied by rights groups.

They recorded on camera the testimonies of Palestinian civilians who were affected by the 2008-2009 war and more appalling scenes that occurred during the strikes.

Samir Abdullah, a French citizen of Egyptian descent, has produced several films since the beginning of his career in 1983. His colleague Khairuddin Mabrook, Algeria, specializes in drawn film and is active in the field of the seventh art.

Documentary on 2008-2009 Gaza war debuts in Algeria.

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