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Mohamed Deif, the Commander in Chief of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas said Saturday that its forces today are more powerful than in the past. He added they are and more willing to continue in the path of jihad and fight the enemies of the nation and humanity .

The commander said in a speech published Al-Qassam on Saturday on the occasion of the 23nd anniversary of the launch of Hamas movement: “Do not pay attention to the media war and propaganda waged by the enemy to subjugate our people and dissuade them from supporting the resistance.” Deif stressed that Israel could not break Hamas spirit for more than 23 years it today its is weaker. “After 23 years we stand today in the advanced positions of the resistance, fighting, and waging jihad against the enemies of God, the rapist Jews…and will not bow to all oppression and the Zionist crimes”. And he added: “Today we congratulate you because we know that each passing year Our movement is committed to the approach of its God and jihad in the way to victory is approaching more and more. ” The Hamas leader noted that “with God’s help,” his movement expects victory and empowerment, “no matter how long it takes, regardless of the number operations and no matter how many sacrifices.”

Deif also vowed to free all prisoners in Israeli jails. In conclusion, the commander addressed the Zionist enemy, saying: “You are to disappear and Palestine would remain for us … no matter how long it takes…we will not raise a white flag to you as long as there is one Muslim on the planet.”

Hamas military chief: Israel is weaker and weaker | Al Bawaba.

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