Hamas, PFLP-GC affirm: No meddling in Lebanese internal affairs

[ 25/12/2010 – 10:10 AM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– Hamas representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka agreed with Abu Emad, the representative of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine – general command in Lebanon, that Palestinians would not interfere in internal Lebanese crises.

The two parties following a meeting on Friday said that security of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon should be preserved and at the same time those camps should not be involved in any internal Lebanese crisis.

Palestinians in Lebanon would not be part in any sectarian strife and they would continue to stand alongside Lebanon’s army, people, and resistance, the two factions underlined.

Baraka and Abu Emad affirmed the importance of Palestinian unity based on national constants and protecting the resistance project away from the futile negotiations process.

They stressed insistence on the right of return and rejection of all resettlement projects, adding that Palestinians in Lebanon would never accept any alternative country to their own homeland.

They championed the importance of forming a unified Palestinian leadership in Lebanon that would conduct dialog with the Lebanese government in a bid to organize the Palestinian-Lebanese relations.

Hamas, PFLP-GC affirm: No meddling in Lebanese internal affairs.

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