Zahhar: The PA-Israeli coalition against the Palestinians will come to an end

[ 25/12/2010 – 10:22 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that the coalition between the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people will be doomed to demise sooner or later.

“The devilish coalition which is taking place in the West Bank against our men, women, children, mosques, institutions, and universities will go away, this is how the history used to be and how it is going to be in the future,” Zahhar stressed during a massive march held in Khan Younis in solidarity with the detainees in the West Bank.

“No future for the occupation entity which you are protecting yourselves with. The future will be for us and for our religion,” the Hamas official said addressing Fatah leaders.

He also noted that the arrest and torture of Palestinian women brought disgrace on Fatah and its authority. “Our free women are our honor and dignity.”

The official described the prison as the mosque of resistance fighters and highlighted that resisting the injustice, the occupation and its lackeys is an obligation imposed on all honorable Palestinians.

“Our hands are open and our hearts are sincere towards genuine unity; we do not extend our hands to those whose hands are stained with the blood of our people,” the official added.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Yousuf Farahat strongly denounced the persistence of Fatah security militias in kidnapping and torturing Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank.

“We cannot seek a poisoned reconciliation with Fatah in such a police atmosphere which is taking place in the West Bank,” spokesman Farahat said in a ceremony held Friday in Nusseirat and Bureij refugee camps.

He added that Fatah should release all political detainees and hunger strikers from its jails as a precondition before signing a reconciliation agreement with it, describing its militias in the West Bank as a handful of people who sold their religion and homeland.

Zahhar: The PA-Israeli coalition against the Palestinians will come to an end.

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