French Jewish writer: Be indignant towards the Israelis’ injustice

[ 26/12/2010 – 01:30 PM ]


PARIS, (PIC)– French Jewish writer Stephane Hessel is calling on his readers to be indignant towards the Israelis’ injustice against the Palestinians, focusing on Israel’s recent blockade and war on the Gaza Strip.

Hessel set aside an entire chapter in his book Indignez-vous (you should be indignant) to treat the Israelis’ injustice affecting the Palestinians, especially in the late 2008 early 2009 war and the four year siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, saying that the region has become a massive open-air prison, the people doing whatever they can to keep on living.

I’m on the same side as the South African judge (Richard Goldstone, who reported the crimes in the Israeli war), said Hessel. I’m surprised to see Jews committing war crimes.

In a separate chapter, Hessel discusses the peaceful anti-wall demonstrations held in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, mocking Israelis who call the marches a form of “non-violent terrorism”.

Despite its small size of 30 pages, hundreds of thousands of copies have left bookstore shelves. Observers have remarked that the book is a kind of unarmed resistance, urging its readers, and all people, towards indignation and revolution against injustice.
He says that the Israelis are not really interested in peace, they rather want to keep the colonies and occupation in contravention of international law and the Geneva conventions. He further calls for a boycott of Israeli goods.
The 93-year-old author is a diplomat, former ambassador, and French resistance fighter. Born German, he obtained French nationality in 1937. He participated in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.
The former French Resistance fighter is facing a charge of “anti-Semitism and incitement to racial hatred” by Sammy Ghozlan, director of the National Office of Vigilance against the Antisemitism (BNVA)

French Jewish writer: Be indignant towards the Israelis’ injustice.

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